NYF joins forces with StrawberryFrog CEO Scott Goodson for Purpose Haze Ep 3 with Chip Walker

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NYF joins forces with StrawberryFrog CEO Scott Goodson for Purpose Haze Ep 3 with Chip Walker

New York Festivals Advertising Awards has joined forces with Scott Goodson, CEO of StrawberryFrog, the world’s leading authority in purpose activation, to unveil the latest episode of the thought-provoking content series, “Purpose Haze.”


In this joint venture, series host Scott Goodson interviews prominent industry trailblazers leading purpose-driven companies and through captivating conversation demystifies purpose and shines a light on purpose-driven marketing.

In the newest “Purpose Haze” episode, Goodson and Chip Walker, partner, and head of strategy at StrawberryFrog do a deep dive to uncover insights that pierce through the purpose haze. Together they delve into their book, “Activate Brand Purpose,” explore Movement Marketing, reveal findings from the extensive Purpose Power Index study (measuring brand purpose perceptions), and showcase brands that excel in embodying brand purpose.

Walker, a leading mind in advertising and change management, collaborates with Goodson and the team at StrawberryFrog, a pioneering global marketing/advertising agency. StrawberryFrog is renowned for its innovative ‘Movement Marketing’ approach, which guides brands in crafting actionable purposes and generating profound brand concepts that resonate deeply.

Before joining StrawberryFrog, Walker worked with top-tier agencies and corporations, establishing himself as a seasoned brand strategy practitioner with a profound grasp of market research and consumer insights. He initiated a full-service consumer insights company that catered to distinguished clients such as Walmart, Xerox, Mercedes, Credit Suisse, and SunTrust. Additionally, through his own successful brand strategy firm, Chip Walker, Inc., he led pivotal initiatives, including pitches for global agencies like McCann and Inventiv Health, as well as research and brand strategy projects for well-established iconic clients, including media conglomerates such as Meredith and Bloomberg.

Says Scott Rose, president of New York Festivals Advertising Competitions: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Scott Goodson and StrawberryFrog on this series, which provides compelling insights into the art of activating brand strategies with a purpose that goes beyond mere profit. Purpose Haze showcases the minds and strategic practices of modern marketers deeply engaged in purpose-driven work.”

“Purpose Haze” partner Scott Goodson is a trusted strategy advisor for CEOs, CMOs and leaders of some of the most iconic companies across the globe including ASICS, Emirates Airline, Google, Heineken, Jim Beam, Mahindra, Mercedes, Northwell, P&G, PepsiCo, Truist and Walmart.

Visit HERE to view episode 3 of “Purpose Haze” Featuring: Chip Walker.

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