Nutri-Grain Celebrates NSW Opening Up in new campaign via Wunderman Thompson Australia


Sporting fields lay empty, basketball courts fell silent and swimming pools were left vacant in the recent 106-day lockdown. Now the people of NSW are to face one of the biggest sporting comebacks in their lifetime. As we near the state’s 80% vaccination rate, Nutri-Grain celebrates the impending return to sport by releasing a new film via Wunderman Thompson Australia.


The online film is a reminder to kids, teens, and adults, of everything they loved about their sport as they prepare to come back stronger as restrictions around the state begin to ease.

Says João Braga, Chief Creative Officer at Wunderman Thompson Australia: “My family and I arrived in Australia just over 4 months ago, which means I have barely seen any action on courts and sporting fields. So, I’m particularly thrilled to be celebrating this moment alongside such an iconic brand as part of its long-standing Unstoppable platform and in some way inspire the people of NSW to come back stronger.”

Adds Dan Bitti, Senior Marketing Manager Breakfast Category at Kellogg’s Australia: “Covid restrictions have tested professional athletes, but they have also put an enormous strain on the local sporting teams that are at the centre of many Australian communities. But much like Nutri-Grain, Australians are known for their unstoppable nature. It’s a natural alignment for our brand and just the beginning of Nutri-Grain supporting the nations comebacks, so stay tuned.”

The 60″ online video goes live across Nutri-Grain social channels today.

Wunderman Thompson Australia
João Braga, Chief Creative Officer
Laura Fairclough, Creative
Jonti Groth, Creative
Angela Morris, Chief Strategy Officer
Ana Lynch, Partner
Laura Hawdon, Group Engagement Lead
Molly McAleavey, Engagement Manager
Alistair Pratten, National Head of Production
Charlotte Cuttle, Junior Producer
Dave Wade, Senior Editor

Sound Studio: Rumble Studios
VO Artist: Indey Salvestro – RMK Voices

Kellogg’s Australia
Dan Bitti, Senior Marketing Manager
Melissa Tan, Senior Brand Manager
Suzanne Blake, Senior Brand Manager
Christina Hani, Assistant Brand Manager