Nulon launches new EZY-SQUEEZE product innovation in latest campaign via Edge, Sydney

Nulon launches new EZY-SQUEEZE product innovation in latest campaign via Edge, Sydney

Nulon’s latest campaign from Edge highlights how cars are designed impractically and working on them can be a pain in the o-ring.

Aussie motor oil brand Nulon is well-known for innovative and disruptive product development in the auto lubricants industry. Their latest game-changer is in their Ezy-Squeeze packaging. DIY motorheads have always had to shimmy under their cars with a hard plastic container of oil and somehow pour or pump it up – against gravity – into their diff, gearbox or transmission. Now, it’s as easy as simply squeezing a soft plastic pouch of oil or fluid that flows through a patent pending applicator hose and nozzle.

The campaign Edge developed reminds DIY motorheads of the many frustrations encountered when tinkering with their motor: the tight spaces, the skinned knuckles, the hard-to-reach places; before showing that Nulon has at least solved the problem most relevant to the use of their product range.

Says John Simons, General Manager – Product and Marketing at Nulon: “Nulon is committed to making DIY easier for Aussie motor enthusiasts. That’s why we’re always looking at the most difficult jobs and asking ‘how can we make this less painful’. ”

The 45-second and 15-second ads launch Nulon Ezy-Squeeze online, and will later appear on catch-up TV. Produced in partnership with Taxi, the commercials were directed by Davros and produced by Chris Klockner.

Says Matt Batten, Executive Creative Director at Edge: “This commercial is hyper relevant to Nulon’s primary audience of motorheads. Anyone who’s worked a wrench around their own car will have lived at least two of these scenes, possibly all of them. Cars are bastards not designed for DIY. Nulon’s Ezy-Squeeze solves at least one of these bugbears.”


Agency: Edge, Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Matt Batten
Executive Planning Director: Richard Parker
Copywriter: Pete Mountford
Art Director: Sal Cavallaro
Designer: Dhimanth Rao
Producer: Chelline Nel
Senior Planner: Kent Pearson
Production Company: Taxi
Director: Davros
DoP: Cesar Salmeron
Producer: Chris Klockner