NSW Government launches new #MakeNoDoubt consent campaign produced by Entropico


Following months of research into issues of consent by the NSW Government Department of Communities and Justice, and creative concepting by Frost, Entropico were engaged to lead production on the government’s concept campaign #MakeNoDoubt.


Launched this week, the #MakeNoDoubt campaign was created to help educate people on how to communicate about consent in support of the new affirmative sexual consent laws taking effect on 1 June 2022.

Says Aislinn Lowe, director, Entropico: “For this campaign, I wanted to create a series of worlds that represented an intersection between entertainment and education. My approach to the cinematography was very much influenced by Euphoria, because I knew that in order to grab the attention of our target audience we needed to make a campaign that looked like something they would binge-watch. The music was almost all bespoke and made in-house at Entropico, so that it felt like a film score rather than something pre-packaged.

“It was important to me that the stories and performances were authentic, so we used real couples for the more intimate scenes, and worked with intimacy co-ordinators Chloe Dallimore and Anna Cheney to make sure that the actors felt really comfortable with what was happening.

“As well as showing diversity on screen, it was also important to me that there be diversity represented in the crew. I think the reason the campaign is getting such a positive response is because the audience can sense the authenticity in the storytelling right through to the core of the whole production.”

The #MakeNoDoubt videos will run across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Spotify, YouTube and Tinder.

Client: NSW Department of Communities and Justice

Creative Agency: Frost Collective
Creative Director: Ant Donovan
Copywriter: Michael Skarbek
Strategy Director: Debbie Spence

Production Company: Entropico
EP: Ainslee Littlemore
Director: Aislinn Lowe
Producer: Gus Kennelly
DOP: Gregoire Liere
Intimacy Coordinator: Chloe Dallimore & Anna Cheney
Casting: Daniel Berini

Post Producer: Annabel Mills
Editor: Rolando M. Olalia
Sound Design & Composition: Jacob Turier
Colourist: Alina Bermingham