NobleOak brings the nobility back to life insurance in latest campaign via Mr Wolf


NobleOak Life, with the help of challenger agency Mr Wolf, has launched a new campaign adding a touch of nobility and humour to the often straight-laced and opaque life cover category.


Multi award-winning NobleOak is bringing the nobility back to life insurance by offering simple, direct, high quality cover, without the all too common trade-off between comprehensive cover and good value.

Says Michael Stevenson, managing partner, Mr Wolf: “The creative concept was born from the realisation that taking out life insurance is a particularly noble gesture. Insuring your life, when you won’t personally benefit from the payout, is a beautiful, selfless act that should be supported, not exploited.”

Mr Wolf has created a hyperbolic figurehead for the brand, a modern-day nobleman who embodies the characteristics of nobility that the brand represents. The campaign follows the daily antics of ‘Baron Roderick III’ and his long-suffering man-servant ‘Bletchley’ through a series of TV, digital social and OOH executions in a multi-million dollar campaign that will build throughout the year.

Says Tony Singleton, managing partner, Mr Wolf: “Life insurance doesn’t naturally inspire people to jump out of bed – and that’s before you throw in trust eroding Royal Commission and a brand people haven’t grown up with. Therefore the only rational option for NobleOak as a challenger brand was to simultaneously cut-through and create trust. By harnessing a firmly tongue-in-cheek embodiment of the NobleOak nobleman we can establish brand linkage and memorability, while attaching a set of noble values to the brand reflective of a largely lost, more trustworthy world.”

Says David Hirsch, chief marketing officer, NobleOak: “In a world where truly selfless acts are getting harder to find, we wanted to recognise the selflessness of our customers’ choice to provide for their loved ones. At the same time drawing attention to the core values that set us apart, especially in the wake of the Royal Commission. In an industry that is often accused of being either dry or slapstick, we have used humour with relatable characters and relationships to share an important and noble message in a unique way.”

The campaign launched 8 September with Pay and FTA TV in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and will be followed up with a full suite of assets from late September onwards.

Mr Wolf
Strategy: Tony Singleton
Managing Partner: Michael Stevenson
Creative leads: Bart Pawlak, Kelli Anderson, Steve Liu
Agency Producer: Tanja Perl

CEO: Anthony Brown
CMO: David Hirsch
Senior Marketing Manager: Tatyana Marfenko
Acquisition & Brand Marketing Manager: Rick Rupping

Production Company: Orinoco Films
Director: Nick Robertson
Producer: Kim Kirby
Editor: Stuart Morley
Post Production: The Editors
Sound: Andrew Stevenson – We Love Jam

Media: Tug Media
Shane Lennon & Charlie Bacon