NO/BS Conference to deliver digital reality check; 11-13 March, 2020 at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre

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NO/BS Conference to deliver digital reality check; 11-13 March, 2020 at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre

The Inaugural NO/BS conference is launching in Melbourne  in 2020. The roadshow style 2 day event is being held from the 11th to the 13th of March 2020 at Melbourne’s iconic Forum to provide the digital creative industry with a “digital reality check”.


In response to the persistent commercial tone of conferences and events in the digital space, agency founders Jason Soultan and Marco Rosano, have developed the NO/BS Conference to deliver a ‘digital reality check’. NO/BS will create an exciting and authentic real world forum with insights to be shared by an array of international keynote speakers including Scott Thomas, creative director at Pinterest, Matias Corea, co-founder of Behance, Chris Do, founder of The Futur and many more.

The event is aimed at people working in the digital space. Be they an agency owner, manager, startup founder, product owner or designer, anyone with a passion and thirst for digital is welcome.

With a generous ‘all inclusive’ ticket package, attendees can look forward to catered meals, barista coffee and an enjoyable delegate experience with no stone left unturned to provide a high quality feel. Early Bird Tickets will be available online from the 8th of August and registration of interest is open online now.

A conference like no other, NO/BS is designed to circumvent the traditional blind optimism spouted by motivational speakers at traditional digital conferences. The experience is intended to be humbling, validating and most of all inspiring in the most honest way.

Says Jason Soultan, founder, NO/BS: “NO/BS is not a celebration of the often romanticized ‘basement startup-to-tech-mogul’ motif. It’s not about teaching people the latest design trends or techniques either. It’s about validation. All of us working in digital experience the same trials and tribulations. We just never get to hear these stories first-hand or how hard it is to truly succeed in this industry.”

Many of today’s digital conferences and events are tailored to workers fulfilling small roles in large corporations. The NO/BS conference is different. It will be a bare bones insight into what it takes to start and be part of a creative digital business.

NO/BS wants its guests to be inspired, motivated and most importantly feel validated by knowing that their journey is similar to that of their counterparts and industry heroes.

Signup for the digital reality check here.

Some of the speakers you can expect to see.

International Speakers:
Matias Corea (Behance)
Scott Thomas (Pinterest / The Noun Project)
Chris Do (The Futur)
Michael Ventura (Sub-Rosa)
Morgwn Rimel (School of Life)
Lysandre Follet (Nike)
Athena Koutsonikolas (Leanplum)
David Grau (Red Bull)
Maxine Cunningham (Pick My Brain)
Red Thalhammer (Antidote Chocolate)

Australian Speakers:
Andrew Lane (Genero)
Luke Wiseman (D’marge)
Mark Calabro (OrderMate / Hungry Hungry)
Marco Rosano (Soul+Wolf)
Marty Drill (Luminary)

There will be more speakers announced in the coming weeks.