Nivea ANZ tackles age-ism in modern society in its brand new #standfirm campaign via Edelman

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niveaanz.jpgA new online campaign by Nivea is set to tackle age-ism in modern day society, with new research revealing that 2/3 (68%) of women feel invisible as they age. The #StandFirm campaign via Edelman, calls for all mothers and daughters to stand firm together and boost each other’s confidence.

Nivea has commissioned research, developed a video with typography artist Georgia Hill and her mother Judy to encourage all women to #StandFirm together. In addition, a partnership with media personality Bianca Dye has also been formed and she’s working with Nivea to ask all women to #StandFirm and is available for comment should this be of interest.

The “Nivea Q10 Firming – Women & Ageing Research”, has found that 2/3 (68%) of women are made to feel invisible by society as they age. More than three quarters (74%) feel they need to adapt their style to become more conservative, and 7 in 10 (70%) feel they are expected to be less sexy as they age.

The study uncovered that for 87% of women, age-ism (age discrimination) is a reality, with over 76% believing age-ism is more prevalent toward women than men, and over 70% seeing Hollywood and celebrity contributing to this age-ism culture.

Says Dye: “Life can whiz by so fast. One day you are the `life of the party’, feeling amazing, being told how fabulous you are and then like a giant slap in the face from the universe….it stops. Why? Just because we are getting older does not mean we are not getting MORE fabulous and wiser. But society tends to ignore women over 50. You just seem to become invisible.”

And it’s not just women over 50 that feel invisible, as 40-something Dye points out: “I definitely feel way more invisible than I did when I was 32 and voted `sexiest woman in radio’! I totally can relate to losing confidence and feeling more open to being judged if I wear a short skirt, or simply just not being noticed.”

But it’s not all bad news, with more than 9/10 (94%) women believing we should be more mindful of helping women feel more visible, and 95% stating we should help them feel more confident.

Says Dye: “It’s time to reclaim our fabulousness and remind ourselves to shed some of that light and love and compliments and pay it back to our mums, sisters, friends.”

With over 73% of daughters attributing their mum’s positive affirmations in helping them boost their confidence when they were younger, a staggering 94% feel we need to remind our mothers of their worth. It’s time to pay it back, with 89% of women agreeing we need to relay positive affirmations back to our mums.

The research has prompted Nivea to create a campaign that asks mothers and daughters to #standfirm together and boost each other’s confidence.

Centred around typography artist, Hill and her mum, Judy, this emotive piece relays their story in a short 2-minute emotive film that has been released on YouTube with a rally cry to #standfirm.

Says Hill: “My mum and I wanted to do this campaign because we both relate to it. I think it’s something you don’t realise until you are older yourself, but I’ve always had my mum there to help build my confidence in a way that is so consistent you almost forget how it shapes you – until you need to do the same for her in return.

“I love that this campaign recognises that as a society we tend to change how we value women as they age, even though they have done so much for us in their own younger years. It’s about turning that around by reconnecting mums and daughters and having them remind each other of just how strong and important they are at any age.”