New York Festivals AME Awards Advisory Council adds eight new members

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New York Festivals AME Awards Advisory Council adds eight new members

New York Festivals 2021 AME Awards has announced the addition of eight prominent executives that have joined the AME Advisory Council.


The 18-member Advisory Council, formed in 2019, is a brain trust of creative and strategic industry leaders representing 5 continents. They generously provide the competition with ongoing knowledge of emerging trends and critical industry insights. The Council’s participation allows AME to be more responsive to changes and demands within the advertising/marketing sphere and their astute advice and combined industry expertise ensure continued wise council and a global perspective.

Says Gayle Seminara Mandel, executive director, AME Awards: “All of us at AME are extremely grateful that this visionary panel dedicated to results-driven work will share their knowledge and expertise with the AME Awards. As leaders at the apex of the industry, their perspective provides valuable insights, ideas for new competition categories reflective of the work produced today, recommendations for fair and diverse jury members, and opportunities for AME to champion effectiveness around the globe.”

2021 Additions to the AME Awards Advisory Council

· Caio Barsotti, President, CENP Brazil
· Saul Betmead de Chasteigner, Chief Marketing Officer, United Nations World Food Programme Italy
· Pully Chau, Group CEO/Chairman Greater China, Cheil China
· Gordon Euchler, Head of Planning, BBDO Germany
· Balendran Kandeban, Founder & CEO, Miami Ad School – Sri Lanka and Maldives / Academics Group, Sri Lanka
· Robin Shapiro, Chief Executive Officer, TBWA\World Health USA
· Guy Swimer, Executive Creative Director, McCann Health London
· Amy Winger, Global Client Lead/Intel, VMLY&R USA

To view all the members of the AME Awards Advisory Council visit: HERE.

Says Robin Shapiro, CEO, TBWA\WorldHealth: “There is nothing more powerful than an idea that drives disruptive growth. That’s why I am thrilled to join the AME Advisory Council. I look forward to celebrating the best of the brave, campaigns that are driving exceptional growth.”

Says Guy Swimer, executive creative director, McCann WorldHealth London: “As health continues to produce inspirational thinking and new ways to reach our audiences, it’s vital we find ways to track its effectiveness; I’m delighted to be part of the AME’s Advisory Council to offer a perspective on how breakthrough ideas in health can lead to genuine results.”

Says Pully Chau, group CEO/chairman Greater China, Cheil China: “Branding & marketing plays a major role in shaping the global economy: in creating jobs, in facilitating brands and belief, in building hopes; and transcending legacies. I wish to share our voice of Asia and China by joining the AME Awards Advisory Council. A practical dream leveraging my decades of experiences.”

Says Caio Barsotti, president, CENP Brazil: “Every day we wake up and start working to find ways to get more and better results and to achieve effectiveness to all and each communication action. We love to compete, so…be recognized, win an award, be a creative reference, become an effectiveness case study…Yes, it’s worth it! I’m proud to be part of it, and excited to learn with all the talent around the table at the AME Awards Advisory Council.”

Says Saul Betmead de Chasteigner, chief marketing officer, United Nations World Food Programme: “The AME awards are all about proving the worth of advertising and marketing. Joining the Advisory Council means I can hopefully help shape that most important conversation.”

Says Amy Winger, global client lead/Intel, VMLY&R USA: “Making a big creative idea that delivers big outcomes is a beautiful thing that takes the powers of foresight, ingenuity, and bravery. I’m excited to join with my colleagues on the AME Advisory Council and look forward to celebrating ideas and teams that deliver the goods.”

Says Gordon Euchler, head of planning, BBDO Germany: “The intersection of creativity and economic success is what makes our industry unique. It is what advertising does at its best, but this has clearly a bigger role to play in the whole of the business world. Whoever gets this right is the envy of consultancies, competitors, and clients. This is worth celebrating, and this is what the AME does. I would love to make my little contribution to keep that spirit and push it into the future.”

Says Balendran Kandeban, founder and CEO, Miami Ad School – Sri Lanka and Maldives / Academics Group, Sri Lanka: “Delighted to be part of the New York Festival AME Award’s Advisory Council and work with innovative, visionary, and influential leaders around the world. NYF AME Awards is a world-wide platform that encourages and celebrates effectiveness in the ever-changing world of advertising and brand building – A great influencer for ideas and campaigns to make this world a better place. And we all have a collective responsibility to make that happen!”

Adds Seminara Mandel: “AME’s Advisory Council is represented by both agency, brand, organizational, and educational leaders who together ensure AME’s stature within the global community as a competition that showcases the most creative and measurable effective campaigns emanating from around the globe.”

The AME Awards deadline to enter is April 16th, 2021. Entry details, eligibility, rules and regulations, and category information can be found on the AME website: HERE.