New study reveals one in four Australian parents are on Snapchat

New study reveals one in four Australian parents are on Snapchat

A new study has revealed that one in four Australian parents are engaging on Snapchat – creating fun and lasting moments, staying connected with friends and families and using the ubiquity of technology to their advantage.


This comprehensive research conducted by Kantar, GroupSolver and TalkShoppe showcases how a sizable number of millennial parents are engaging with Snap on a daily basis.  Snapchat continues to be one of the most preferred platforms for Australia’s Gen Z cohort and now is also being used by a wider audience – millennial parents –  giving them new, creative ways to communicate using visuals.

Snapchat makes it easy and fun to quickly communicate and strike up conversations, stay connected, and make sharing moments fun. Almost two thirds (62%) of parents say snapchat is a fun way for them and their child / children to have fun together. 61% of Snapchatters send Snaps to family to stay connected and share pleasurable moments with their loved ones.

Dads and mums use Snapchat for different purposes in their daily lives. The majority (70%)  of dads use Snapchat because of its stance on safety and a similarly substantial percentage – 77% – use it to keep up with the happenings in their family and stay engaged. While 88% of mums are using Snapchat to take joyful photos of their kids and 68% mums feel Snapchat is good to lighten their mood, relax and recharge.

Almost one in three (32%) Australian parents are browsing through Discover, which has become a destination for Australian Snapchatters to explore news, entertainment, and expert editorial content. Over a quarter (26%)  are using their camera to try on products in Augmented Reality, embracing an immersive, digital shopping experience via Snapchat. The majority (67%) are using Snapchat to consume their friends’ content, further showing how Snapchat continues to be the platform for real friends.

Says Kathryn Carter, general manager for APAC at Snap: “With social distancing and lockdown measures in place, Australians have turned to virtual platforms for human interaction and staying connected. The use of technology continues to see a shift including the way in which families engage in the real and digital worlds.

“It is exciting to see Snapchat become not just the preferred platform for Australian youth, but for millennial Australian parents too. These parents are using Snap in ways like never before where the platform has become a powerful communication tool which is a part of their family’s daily lives. The data revealed through this research does highlight the different ways in which families are using technology to spend quality time with each other, connect with families and also stay updated on new trends.”