Pure Blonde ‘Dove Love’ to debut tonight


man feeding dove.jpg

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne will launch the latest Pure Blonde TV campaign, ‘Dove Love’, during the AFL preliminary final tonight.

Following on from the award-winning ‘Brewtopia’ campaign, the agency wanted to find a new and interesting way to connect the audience to all the imagery and iconography, but still be able to surprise and snap them back to reality.

James McGrath, executive creative director of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, says Dove Love creates the all-important next instalment of the Pure Blonde mythology.

“As always, it required the perfect balance between the purity, the mystery and the perfection of ‘Brewtopia’, colliding head-on with the cynicism of our somewhat grubby and pragmatic world,” McGrath said.

This time, that balance comes via the caring nature of the guy who looks after the dove – showing a small glimmer of hope that there’s still some good in all of us – before the dove flies straight into a brick wall.

And, with a final ironic touch, we realise the dove is destined to be caught in a vicious circle, never to return home to that place, which is still much more pure than yours.

The starring dove role was shared by five white Turtle Doves and in the flying scenes 40 white homing pigeons were used. The animal crew was rounded out by a few white swans, a couple of white horses and even a white peacock. 

Complementing the new commercial will be summer music sponsorships and the launch of The Pond Pop-up Bar and Restaurant in Sydney.  




Executive Creative Director: James McGrath 

Creative Director: Emma Hill and Josh Robbins 

Copywriter: Emma Hill 

Art Director : Josh Robbins 

Agency Producer – TV: Sonia von Bibra 

Account Management: Paul McMillan – Group Account Director 

Phil Baker – Account Director 

Strategic Planner: Paul Rees Jones 


Peter Sinclair – Marketing Director, CUB 

Ben Summons – Group Marketing Manager Premium and  

Craft Beer, CUB 

Craig Maclean – Senior Brand Manager Pure Blonde, CUB


Director: Steve Ayson 

Producer: Cindy Kavanagh 

Production Company: The Sweet Shop 

Designer: Peter Marshall 

DoP/Cinematographer: Ian McCarroll 

Editor: Jack Hutchings @ The Butchery 

Post Production Company: Digital Pictures 

Sound Designer/Engineer: Paul LeCouter @ Flagstaff 

Sound House: Flagstaff 

Music Composer/Arranger: Cornel Wilczzek 

Music Track & Artist: Homeward Bound (re-record) Cornel Wilczzek 

Music Production Company: Karl Richter Level Two Music 

Special/Visual Effects: Eugene Richards Digital Pictures Steven Strekovski 

Flame Artist: Eugene Richards Digital Pictures