New-look HOOVES launches with the addition of four world-class comedy directors

New-look HOOVES launches with the addition of four world-class comedy directors

Creative company, HOOVES, has scaled its APAC offering with an injection of talent, bringing fresh choices for local agencies and brands looking to connect with their markets in unique and memorable ways.


In addition to Luc Schurgers and John Pace, the HOOVES roster now includes Melbourne’s Alethea Jones who was recently tapped to direct The Barbie Movie with Anne Hathaway. The half Melburnian, half New Yorker duo, Peter Martin, who’ve been creating big scale commercial work around the world for eight years. Sundance alum, Kristoffer Borgli, who brings his hilarious meta style to Australia (to quote a review of his feature film: “If Andy Kaufman were alive today, this is what he’d be doing”). And the South Australian duo, Dinosaur, creators of the global cult sensation, Danger 5 (Netflix and SBS).

Says John Pace, director and creative partner, HOOVES: “We’re not just another production company. We call what we do ‘script-first production’ and we’ve built our team around skillsets that enable them to elevate projects not only on set but also at the script stage by either writing in collaboration, or through the art of adding value to approved scripts without necessarily changing anything. They’re all writer/directors who understand their craft deeply and operate at a level where their personal work is screening at Sundance or they’re being tapped to helm commercial campaigns for agencies like Droga5 and brands like Fedex, or tentpole comedies for the likes of Sony and Amazon Studios.

“We’re laser focused on helping to elevate and evolve Australian comedic commercials. Absurdity cuts across language, age and culture and it’s one of most powerful emotive tools we have to help brands engage with consumers in noisy markets. The success of the recent Optus 5G campaign shows there’s a thirst for a tone that is more international than the narrow beer and flavoured milk humour Australia typically produces. Of course that stuff has its place, but as markets continue to both fracture and globalise then brands will increasingly look to different styles of humour to enable them stand out. And that’s exactly what we’re here to help with.”

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