New agency ‘Sovereign’ launches in Australia to serve the defence and aerospace industry

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New agency ‘Sovereign’ launches in Australia to serve the defence and aerospace industry

The Recognition Group has launched a new marketing and communications agency called ‘Sovereign’, focused on serving the defence and aerospace industry sectors in Australia.


Sovereign builds on The Recognition Group’s portfolio of marketing and public relations (PR) agencies—including Recognition PR, Write Away Communication, and Outsource—which focuses primarily on business-to-business (B2B) market sectors including IT and the built environment.

Says Adam Benson, CEO, Sovereign: “We’ve chosen to launch an agency into this sector in response to the pace and urgency with which the Australian government is assessing, funding, and developing our warfighting readiness.

“There is intense government focus on building our sovereign industrial capabilities. That means making sure Australia has the tools, people, and processes required to achieve its defence objectives without relying solely on complex international supply chains, which can be disrupted easily.

“The role of our new agency is ensuring local and international members of the Australian defence and aerospace industry can present their offerings in a compelling way to government and supply chain peers.

“It’s more important than ever that suppliers in the defence and aerospace sector communicate their value clearly, particularly if they’re not already well known. Their solutions could prove critical in the coming months and years. You only have to look at the impact low-cost air and maritime drones are having on battlefields right now as one simple example of how fast and significantly new technologies and military doctrine can change strategic outcomes.

“At Sovereign, we understand the gravitas of the subject matter we’re dealing with, the importance of delivering our services in a time of great and confronting change, and how to work with complex B2B organisations.”

Sovereign leverages the strength of The Recognition Group’s agencies, each of which has operated for more than 30 years. Sovereign supports organisations in the defence and aerospace sector that sell technical, high-value products and services. Sovereign offers integrated marketing communication and PR services including digital marketing, brand and lead generation programs, media relations and thought leadership, media training, web development, and graphic and digital design with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Adds Benson: “Sovereign fills a significant gap in the market. Its comprehensive marketing solutions stand alone as required or integrate into PR programs, giving organisations scalable resources to deliver high-quality marketing campaigns and materials at pace.”

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