Nestlé launches KITKAT ‘Have a Bite’ social media campaign via Wunderman Thompson Australia

Nestlé launches KITKAT ‘Have a Bite’ social media campaign via Wunderman Thompson Australia

Nestlé is finally acknowledging the passionate debate swirling online about the correct way to eat a KITKAT. The ‘have a bite’ social campaign, via Wunderman Thompson Australia, sees KITKAT jump in to respond to the many people proudly flaunting their innovative and somewhat intriguing approach to the correct KITKAT consumption method.


Tear the pack, break off a finger, snap in half, enjoy. Everyone knows that’s how it’s done. So, if you’re one of the people out there that have been taking a giant bite out of all four fingers, or nibbling off the chocolate layers, KITKAT is actually OK with it, as long as you’re taking a break to enjoy it.

The campaign, which will be running until 30th September, kicked off with prominent TikTok creators throwing their voices into the debate by showing how they have a bite, before screen legend Michael Caton added some magical fuel to the fire, biting into a KITKAT himself and asking Aussies: ‘Is this wrong?’

To show that ‘other’ ways of having a bite are at least being entertained by the brand, KITKAT are testing the waters with some limited-edition packs, where the iconic snapping fingers are replaced with some of the different ways Aussies bite their KITKATs.

Commenting on the campaign, João Braga, Chief Creative Officer Wunderman Thompson, says: “As Australia’s favourite chocolate bar, we know that people have some serious love for the iconic treat, but we wanted to discover new ways to engage with the fanbase online. What better way to do this than by jumping into the heartfelt and passionate debate over the true, right and ‘correct’ way to eat a KITKAT.”

Adds Joyce Tan, Nestlé Head of Marketing: “We knew it was time to finally weigh in on the conversation regarding how to properly eat a KITKAT and acknowledge the weird and wonderful ways Aussies eat theirs.

“Teaming up with Wunderman Thompson, we were able leverage the power of TikTok creators and iconic Australian actor Michael Caton to generate real time conversation about the many ways that a KITKAT is enjoyed.”

In the first 48 hours of launch, the campaign has gained national press including Sunrise, 4.3 million views organically across TikTok and Instagram and the attention of some very passionate KITKAT fans with 70k + votes in a heated twitter debate.





Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson Australia
João Braga, Chief Creative Officer
Simon Koay, Associate Creative Director
Steven Hey, Associate Creative Director
Steve May, Senior Copywriter
Angela Morris, National Chief Strategy Officer
Carnelian Easton-Jones, Senior Strategist
Ana Lynch, Partner
Laura Hawdon, Group Engagement Lead
Client: Nestlé
Joyce Tan, Head of Marketing Confectionery
Jenna Nakou, Marketing Manager, Chocolate
Monique Ellis, Brand Manager, KITKAT
UM (Media), Shuttlerock (Production – Social content), Poem (PR)

Nestlé launches KITKAT ‘Have a Bite’ social media campaign via Wunderman Thompson Australia