Nelson Rayner wins $5,000 Google Young Innovators Award for ‘Donate Your Desktop’

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2f7c58c.jpgToday, The AD Club of New York and Google announced the winner of the Young Innovators Award, and $5,000 prize. Nelson Rayner (left) a 28-year-old digital creative freelancer and social entrepreneur, was selected for his application called Donate Your Desktop.

The Award celebrates excellence and forward thinking among the fresh, young minds of the Advertising, Marketing and Media disciplines. The purpose of this award is to recognize young individuals (30 and under) in each field of the communications industry who are not only excelling in their careers, but also inventing and implementing new ways to develop alternative and innovative digital marketing and media platforms.

Donate your desktop.jpgDonate Your Desktop is a simple application designed to change the world, one desktop at a time. It helps redirect money spent on online advertising towards a charitable cause by unlocking a potential advertising space that sits idly on over a billion computers around the world. That space is your desktop background. And only you can make that available.

Donating your desktop is simple and risk-free. Donate Your Desktop doesn’t ask for credit card details and it doesn’t give anyone access to the user’s computer. All the participant has to do is select a charity, and download the application. Once the participant has installed it and registered, they’re done.

Each day, the application will update the user’s desktop background with a new wallpaper. Donate Your Desktop’s branded desktops are attractive full-screen images that should be a pleasure to have as a desktop background for a day.