Nando’s: How to achieve a Portugasm


NANDOS.jpgNando’s, via The Sphere Agency, Melbourne, has unveiled a new brand campaign that will be encouraging people across Australia to achieve the elevated state of ‘Portugasm’.

Nando’s National Marketing Manager, Justin Monaghan said: “Portugasm is a celebration of the way you feel when you eat Nando’s. Nando’s is all about having an ‘uplifting experience’ and the springboard for this is the best tasting chicken in the world. While providing a great experience is serious business, at Nando’s we refuse to take life too seriously.

“It has been rumoured for centuries that PERi-PERi sauce is anaphrodisiac. Our extensive and exhaustive in-home consumer testing,which involved overnight trials and in depth interviews, have providedthe empirical evidence to give us the confidence to pursue Portugasm,”he said.

Sphere commenced this fresh brand direction with a month-long teaser campaign.

“We started with some radio and street level media involving stencils,stickers and café posters to get a buzz out there with our primarytarget market as to what this ‘Portugasm’ thing is all about. This wasall deliberately unbranded,” says Sphere Managing Director, MichaelAbdul.

“There was also an online component with a viral video and other advertising that sent people to people found there was the site for the Portugasm Enlightenment& Rejuvenation Institute which was purportedly located in Portugaland spoke of the ‘well being’ effects of achieving Portugasm,” he said.

Adds Sphere Creative Director, Darren Fishman: “The idea behind thecampaign is to push the Portuguese nature of the Nando’s offering andget the market to take a fresh look at Nando’s from that perspective.

 “The teaser site was designed to engage people into theworld of achieving well-being, while having some typical Nando’s fun.But what they eventually glean from it through the ‘Steps to Portugasm’is what separates Nando’s from the rest.

“With a large presence nationally through outdoor, radio and othermediums, and extensive point-of-sale in-restaurant, people are alreadytalking about Portugasm and adopting the word into their everydayvernacular – in all sorts of cheeky ways.”