Nah, yeh Pixel’s titles for Les Norton introduce us to a world of drama, danger and dickheads

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Last Sunday’s premiere of Les Norton was a bloody rippa mate, featuring bonza main titles by Pixel. The series follows Queensland cobba Les, as he finds himself tangled up in the underbelly of Sydney’s Kings Cross in the 80’s.


Pixel (in collaboration with old mates Stanley & Morph) were asked to create a unique animated main title sequence, that introduces Les as a fish out of water, in a show that constantly rides the line between dangerous and ridiculous.

“We were stoked with the level of freedom and trust the team at Roadshow Rough Diamond gave us and loved their desire to create something different. These guys are fair dinkum legends, ” say creative directors John and Goldy.

Yous can catch the next episode this Sunday at 8:30pm on ABC.

For more of a Pixel fix, visit them here:

Creative Directors: Goldy & John Gavin
Producer: Lucy Hayes (for Stanley & Morph)
Executive Producer: Haley Polacik
Lead Design & Animation: Kane Rowlingson
Typography: Sept Putra
Modelling: Kane Rowlingson, Alex Whillance, Ted Adair, Sept Putra
Character Animation: Jayden Dowler
Effects Animation: Aaron McDonald
Edit & Compositing: John Gavin & Goldy