Myer launches magical retail experience ‘Wonderland’ in Sydney via IdeaWorks


Wonderland Entrance Gate.jpgFamilies are in for a treat this Christmas as Myer unveils Wonderland, a magical retail experience and destination for the whole family on the sixth floor at Myer Sydney City.

The entire floor, including kids apparel, toys, the famous Giftorium, Santaland and the Christmas Shop has been recreated for shoppers to experience their land of wondrous imaginings, conceived, designed and implemented by IdeaWorks.

IdeaWorks Sydney managing director, Danny Lattouf, believes that Wonderland is unique in global retail.

Marketplace.jpgSays Lattouf: “Wonderland is a fully immersive experience that puts the wonder back in retail. From tactical experiences in the marketplace to immersive brand stories in the Park and High Street, we’ve worked in a true partnership with Myer to create something that extends far beyond the traditional shopping experience.

“For us, shopping is more than getting what you need, it’s about having an unforgettable experience and finding something that truly speaks to you.

“With Wonderland, we’re bringing storytelling to the shopper and taking them on a journey through a physical land that’s been created with them at the heart of our thinking and creativity. As a team, we’re really proud of this work; our partners who helped us bring it to life, and our amazing, constantly High Street - Marvel.jpgpioneering clients at Myer.”

The cityscape features over 2,500 unique hand drawn illustrations, a beautifully designed map and a rocket lift to transport customers directly to the sixth floor, with screens and sound creating an unforgettable journey through the clouds of Sydney and into Wonderland.

Wonderland has a Wonderland Map.jpgcentral focus on personalisation, with high-end brands like Mon Purse, living comfortably next to children’s favourites like Build-a-Bear, Barbie and gifting options. Customers can also indulge with personalised Nutella, M&Ms, and treat themselves to fine desserts from Zumbo.

Tony Sutton, Myer executive general manager stores says Wonderland Rocketship - Ground Floor 2.jpgthat Wonderland is a chance for customers to experience a unique retail destination.

Says Sutton: “We have enjoyed working with IdeaWorks Sydney and watching the creative narrative come to life.

“We have created an ‘out of this world’ experience where local and international customers can immerse themselves in a theatrical world of toys, childrenswear, gifting, events, and food.

“From the moment customers enter through the grand Wonderland Gate and journey through all the exciting attractions on offer we have no doubt that they’ll be planning their return visit very soon.”

Explore Wonderland on the sixth floor at Myer Westfield Sydney, 436 George St, Sydney.

Head of Store Design, IdeaWorks Sydney, Mel Spears

Creative Director, IdeaWorks Sydney, James Griffiths

Illustrator, Scenes by Dean, Dean Mortensen

Copy Lead, IdeaWorks Sydney, Jen Dobbie

Art Lead, IdeaWorks Sydney, Tom Denton

Junior Art Director, IdeaWorks Sydney, Fong Ong

Senior Account Director, IdeaWorks Sydney, Jaime Brock

Head of Delivery, IdeaWorks Sydney, Jim Odlin

Senior Designer, Holly Rickard

Designer, IdeaWorks Sydney, Joaquin German

Head of Studio, IdeaWorks Sydney, Richard Spencer

Content Producer, IdeaWorks Sydney, Jay Jenkins

Group Executive Creative Director, Y&R Group, David Joubert

Group Executive Creative Director, Y&R Group, Bart Pawlak

Managing Director, IdeaWorks Sydney, Danny Lattouf