MyDOG launches new ‘Hire My Dog’ brand campaign in Australia via BBDO New York


MyDOG – Mars Petcare owned culinary canine brand – has today unveiled a new brand campaign website – – which aims to help pet parents advocate for their dogs in the workplace and get them ‘hired’. The campaign was developed by BBDO New York and has launched in Australia.

The Hire My Dog site launches as Mars Petcare Australia research recently revealed that while more than one-quarter (26%) of Aussies became a pet owner in the past year, 80% of workplaces do not allow pets in the office despite the benefits they bring.

Pet owners can access the pet ‘Resume Builder Tool’ – a place where pet parents can turn their dog into a ‘canine candidate’ by creating a resume that showcases the qualities their dog offers to the office space. This pet resume can be promoted on social platforms, endorsed by colleagues and friends and, most importantly, shared with employers to secure dogs a new role in the workplace.

The website also features a ‘Pets Work at Work’ toolkit, which offers pet-friendly workplace resources including a sample pet policy, pet amenity considerations and tips on pet-friendly office design.

Says Paige Kilburn, dog marketing director at Mars Petcare: “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the My Dog Hire My Dog campaign in Australia. Pet-friendly workplaces offer a multitude of benefits and the overarching goal of this campaign is to ensure Australian pet owners have access to the tools they need to advocate for their pet.

“Our CBD workers in particular are most in need of pet-friendly workplaces. By placing out-of-home advertising inside office buildings, we’ll be reaching city professionals precisely when they’re starting to think about the day’s to-do list – and, by doing so we’re putting canine candidates and pet-friendly policies at the top of the agenda.”

Research by Mars Petcare Australia shows pet-friendly workplace benefits can include better work–life balance (27%), better relationships with colleagues (15%), better productivity (15%) and better focus (13%).

MyDOG communications will roll out nationally from July across out of home advertising on CBD office tower screens in key capital cities across Australia, and social platforms targeting professionals such as LinkedIn.

As workplaces evolve as a result of the pandemic, MyDOG hopes the campaign will spark a national conversation about the role pets play in a working environment.

To learn more about the MY DOG brand and the MY DOG Hire My Dog program, visit, or follow the MyDog brand on Instagram and Facebook.