More talent emerges at The Producers

More talent emerges at The Producers

Production company The Producers live by a creed that if you’re standing still then you’re going backwards. Fresh perspectives and new thinking are today’s most valuable currency, and the best way to invest in that philosophy is to bring in new team members and let their ideas shine.


Two new members of the The Producers are certainly doing just that. Director Oliva Altavilla and producer Afrim Memed have injected The Producers with their own brand of energy and mutual love of filmmaking.

Altavilla is an passionate storyteller who loves to emotionally connect her audience with authentic experiences and characters. Her craft has been honed on short films that have been honoured at festivals around the world. Her powerful production design skills and bold cinematic techniques combine to create a rich visual style. Olivia’s talent direction approach is collaborative and warm to ensure truthful and brave performances.

Her lived experience as a member of a large, chaotic and loving family of Italian and Venezuelan heritage shapes her work and brings a sense of honesty that is all too rare in young filmmakers.

Says Tanya Spencer, EP, The Producers: “Olivia is the type of talent we love to develop at The Producers. We’re excited to share her unique style and skills with our clients.”

As a producer, there’s not much that Memed hasn’t seen in his eight years of working at Cummins&Partners, McCann and Ogilvy. But in his new role at The Producers he’s pumped to combine with the talented stable of directors to create a fresh stream of compelling and inspiring work.

With campaigns under his belt for Crown, DoorDash McCain, Jacobs Creek, Cadbury and L’Oreal to name just a few, Memed has the right blend of experience and innovative thinking that is destined to drive the creative standards at The Producers even higher.

Says Memed: “Having worked with Tanya, Noelle and Victoria many times before and knowing their commitment to the craft, it was great motivation to join the team and hopefully add a new layer to their client offering.”

EP Noelle Jones is excited to welcome Memed to the production team: “Afrim is a gun and has a lot to offer us and our clients. We’re looking forward to a new chapter at The Producers.”