More Green Energy Encourages Consumers to Switch on Nature in new campaign via All About Content


In a bid to help Australian families combat crippling energy costs, More Green Energy and All About Content have created a new campaign filmed in the stunning Belanglo Forest, to encourage Australian families to switch onto the power of nature.


Says Gareth Carr, director: “Playing on the element of working with nature to provide power in your home, we devised the creative of taking your home into nature. Lighting the forest and using a lounge setup shows the viewer the harmonious relationship that is achieved by using solar. The visuals stimulate that feeling throughout and the elements invite a warm, cosy homely feel.”

More Green Energy is an Australian, family owned and operated business who began their solar-panel journey in 2015 and have since expanded its residential and commercial operations across NSW, WA and ACT.

Says Mike Palmer, CEO, More Green Energy: “Every family in Australia can enjoy a better quality of life when they choose to harness natural energy. We are committed to leading the renewable energy evolution through sustainable and innovation solutions that provide clean energy for our families today and into the future. We are delighted to have worked with the team at All About Content to create a campaign that shares this message.”

At a time when energy prices have sky-rocketed, embracing what nature has to offer never looked more inviting or exciting.

Says John Dion, executive producer, All About Content “Reliance on the traditional energy grid is increasingly costly for Australian families. In this campaign we worked closely with the team at More Green Energy to explore the concept of turning on nature. We wanted to remind consumers that nature offers a readily available solution and that, with the right solar partner we can all enjoy a better quality of life.”

More Green Energy campaign will debut on July 1st across metropolitan free-to-air Networks and digital media, across NSW.

Production Studio – The Collective @ All About Content Media Agency – All About Media
CEO (More Green Energy) – Mike Palmer
Executive Producer – John Dion
Director- Gareth Carr
Lighting – Chris Elder
Camera Assist – Kezia Thomas
Hair and Makeup – Chisato Arai
Talent – Sarah Halloran
Set Design – The Collective
Post – Production – Exposed Wolf
Colour Grade – Exposed Wolf
Creative Concept – Gareth Carr
Script Copy – All About Content
Sound Design – Abe’s Studio