MOJO tackles consumer misconceptions about kombucha in its latest campaign via Fuller

MOJO tackles consumer misconceptions about kombucha in its latest campaign via Fuller

In a new move for Australia’s first kombucha brand, MOJO has launched an above the line advertising campaign via Fuller, aiming to tackle consumer misconception around the increasingly popular fermented beverage.


With placement across outdoor, retail and digital, the creative emphasizes the living nature of MOJO Crafted Kombucha, highlighting the proven probiotics and fully chilled supply chain, under the banner of their “feel alive” tagline.

Says Anthony Crabb, CEO and founder of Organic & Raw Trading Co, the producers of MOJO products: “MOJO has always been about helping Australians understand gut health, and this campaign is an extension of the education work we have been doing for almost ten years.

“We felt the time was right to address some of the misconceptions that exist in the Australian kombucha category, and we wanted to empower both new and existing kombucha drinkers to make an informed decision when it comes to functional beverages.

“When it comes to other fresh food or drinks such as fresh juice, milk or even cheese, many people already understand that quality products require refrigeration. We’re encouraging consumers to apply that same understanding to kombucha.

“True kombucha is brewed with tea, raw sugar and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). It is a living product that requires constant refrigeration until consumption.

“Beverages sweetened with stevia or erythritol, sitting on ambient supermarket shelves, are causing consumer confusion. We want to clear that up, while reinforcing our own product truths: always chilled, always living.”

MOJO’s “feel alive” campaign is running across multiple bursts in 2019, beginning from early June.