MND Victoria launches new ‘Shut Up! For MND’ fundraising campaign via Eric Tom & Bruce

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Content company Eric Tom & Bruce (ETB) and long-term client MND Victoria have collaborated creatively to orchestrate a new fundraising campaign designed to overcome COVID-19 restrictions.


With current restrictions forcing the cancellation of MND Victoria’s traditional fundraising walking event for the second year, fresh thinking was required and delivered by the ETB team. A new concept “Shut Up! For MND” was conceived, involving asking people to remain totally silent for 12 hours in a day in October. The idea was inspired by the fact that many MND patients suffer a loss of their ability to speak.

By challenging people to find other ways to communicate for 12 hours other than talking, ETB are raising awareness of motor neurone disease and its davastating impacts. Participants are encouraged to sign up, get friends to join them in the challenge, and fundraise for MND Victoria. Companies are also encouraged to go quiet for one working day.

Says Kate Johnson, CEO, MND Victoria: “’Shut Up! For MND’ is a unique way to bring attention to what many Victorians living with MND face daily. Each MND journey is different, but many people will lose their voice and become reliant on other forms of communication.”

In a twist on the traditional testimonial film MND sufferer Carolyn Hutchinson explains why support for MND Victoria is so important

Victoria Conners, partner at ETB, explained how much this campaign means to their team: “Seeing how much COVID restrictions are affecting charity organisations such as MND Vic really drove us to find ways of re-connecting the cause with the public. We’re thrilled at how quickly and innovatively we werre able to pull the campaign together. It’s a tribute to our client and the team.”

ETB has worked across all elements of the campaign, induding outdoor, social media and TV/video. Naturally the team at ETB are participating in the “Shut Up! For MND” challenge so you’re welcome to support their efforts by visiting

Client: MND Victoria
Manager – Supporter Development and Communications: Daniel Woodrow

Creative Production Agency: Eric Tom and Bruce
Partner: Victoria Conners
Senior Producer: Samantha Haines
Designer Art Director: Lauren Broeren
Editor: Jack Ralph
Website: Pixo