Mike shows up at a wake and still hasn’t seen that show in latest instalment of BINGE’s ‘I Saw It On BINGE’ campaign via Thinkerbell


BINGE – Australia’s home to the world’s best entertainment – has launched the second iteration of its ‘I Saw it on Binge’ brand platform via Thinkerbell, showcasing the social consequences of not keeping up with the world’s most talked about shows.


The ‘I Saw it on BINGE’ platform highlights the social currency of being kept up to date with the latest shows, and if you’re not kept up to date…you’re kinda screwed. Because you’ve either got it, or you don’t.

In this next instalment, Mike finds himself at a wake, which is already a terrible place for small talk, but even worse when you try to hide the fact you haven’t seen the show everyone is talking about.

The film follows Mike’s first attempt at bluffing his way through not seeing a show, over a date.

The campaign has proved to be a gamechanger for the BINGE brand. Campaign research verbatims echoed the campaign’s impact, depicting feeling “out of the loop” without BINGE. BINGE delivered a 9% point improvement on unprompted brand attribution when compared to other campaigns across FY24. This had a flow on effect to BINGE brand familiarity scores, rising to unprecedented levels with each burst of the campaign. The campaign also demonstrated a beneficial cumulative effect, leading to increases in brand attribution with each campaign burst. What’s more, BINGE achieved its highest monthly META brand lift results yet, exceeding industry benchmarks threefold in ad recall and almost fourfold in intent.

Says Fiona King, marketing director, BINGE: “We’ve had an overwhelming response to our character Mike and we thought there was no better way to continue the brand journey than placing him in another awkward scene. It’s these moments where we rely on talking about the latest entertainment, helping highlight BINGE as the best destination to watch and stay up to date on the world’s most talked about shows.”

Says Tom Wenborn, executive creative tinker at Thinkerbell: “It’s fun to invest in platforms and characters that allow you to tap into them time and time again. Mike’s stubbornness to sign up to BINGE and watch the world’s best shows means we’ll likely see a bit more of his awkwardness in the future.”

This new episode of the BINGE platform has launched across Meta, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube.

Client – BINGE
Creative – Thinkerbell
Production – Photoplay & The Editors
Director – Gary John
Sound Design – Rumble