Microsoft Australia launches interactive outdoor ‘Capture the Poster’ campaign in Melbourne and Sydney for Xbox game Halo 4 via Soap Creative


image010.pngMicrosoft Australia will activate an Australian first in outdoor advertising tomorrow for the launch of the blockbuster video game Halo 4 via JCDecaux.

The interactive campaign, Capture the Poster, encourages the Xbox online community and Halo fan base to participate in a real-world scavenger hunt to claim a rare, signed Halo 4 artwork that is used within the outdoor advertising campaign. Using Tapit technology, the first person to find each poster in one of 400 outdoor JCDecaux billboard locations in Sydney and Melbourne, Tapit or scan the QR code claims that poster as their prize, which will be delivered to them once the campaign finishes.

Halo 4 is the newest game to launch in the blockbuster Halo series, a franchise that has sold more than 46 million games worldwide and has surpassed US$3billion. Halo 4 has already broken all Microsoft Australia pre-order records.

Says Kimberley Francis, interactive entertainment lead, Microsoft Australia: “We find that there is a strong demand for people wanting to keep the outdoor posters from advertising campaigns when it relates to an iconic entertainment franchise or pop culture.

“In anticipation of the interest we expect the Halo 4 and The Master Chief advertising to receive, we found a way to reward that passion and dedication with the chance to claim the limited edition poster used in the campaign – it’s incredibly unique.

“Most companies are currently trying to move their audience online so they can continue regular engagement and communication. Our online community is unmatched when it comes to technology or gaming brands in Australia and we have an opportunity to flip things around and encourage them to take action in the real world. The Master Chief is the hero of Halo and one of the most iconic superheros of our generation – we know people will be doing whatever they can to claim these posters.”

Says Andrew Davis, co-founder & head of operations at Tapit: “This is the first time the Tapit platform has been used to truly gamify an outdoor campaign in Australia and around the world.

“We’ve never before seen a campaign where the mechanic and advertising is also the prize, I would say the project is ground breaking in that respect.”