Metro Trains reveals dumb ways to die in new integrated campaign via McCann Melbourne


Dumb Ways To Die album cover.jpgIn an effort to reduce the number of serious and fatal accidents on its rail network, Metro Trains Melbourne today launched a safety campaign created by McCann, Melbourne led by a new song titled “Dumb Ways to Die”.

The catchy tune and music video are designed to clearly capture the reality of most train accidents – they’re almost entirely preventable and would never happen if the people involved didn’t do something dumb.

Spearheaded by a music video and song that can be downloaded from the iTunes store or via, the campaign will also appear in press, through a Nova radio promotion, on Tumblr, through small and large space outdoor and right throughout the Metro Trains network.

DWTD Press.jpgSays Chloe Alsop, Marketing Manager of Metro Trains: “The safety of our customers is our single most important consideration. So it’s terribly sad to see so many preventable accidents or near misses on our train system.

“This campaign is designed to draw people to the safety message, rather than frighten them away. Especially in our younger segments. We want to create a lasting understanding that you shouldn’t take risks around trains, that the prospect of death or serious injury is ever-present and that we as a community need to be aware of what constitutes both safe and dumb behaviour.”

Says McCann Executive Creative Director John Mescall: “We’ve got people eating superglue, sticking forks in toasters and selling both their kidneys. But truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and we still couldn’t come up with dumber ways to die than driving around boomgates and all the other things people do to put themselves in harm’s way around trains.

“The aim of this campaign is to engage an audience that really doesn’t want to hear any kind of safety message, and we think dumb ways to die will.”

Says McCann National CEO Ash Farr: “McCann is committed to transforming brands for positive change. This campaign is another step in our strategy to demonstrate to Melbournians that Metro cares about customers, their safety and their happiness.”

Executive Creative Director: John Mescall

Creative Team: John Mescall, Pat Baron

Animation: Julian Frost

Digital Team: Huey Groves, Christian Stocker

Group Account Director: Adrian Mills

Account Director: Alec Hussain

Senior Account Manager: Tamara Broman

Senior Producer: Mark Bradley

Producer: Cinnamon Darvall

Composer and producer: Oliver McGill

Metro Trains

General Manager, Corporate Relations: Leah Waymark

Marketing Manager: Chloe Alsop