Mentos spreads positivity with Complimentos integrated campaign via WiTH Collective

Mentos spreads positivity with Complimentos integrated campaign via WiTH Collective

In a bid to help spread positivity and joy, Mentos is encouraging people to compliment one another with the launch of its latest campaign, inspired by its new CompliMENTOS range, developed by WiTH Collective.


Supported by an integrated above the line campaign, the new CompliMENTOS range features a series of compliments printed on its packaging designed to help Mentos lovers show a token of appreciation for one another.

The campaign further solidifies Mentos’ commitment toward inclusivity and in helping people forge “fresh” connections with one another, with the new packaging enabling the quirky exchange of compliments to strengthen their in-person interactions.

Mentos parent company Perfettit Van Melle’s country manager Australia, Samantha Hansen, echoed this sentiment and said the product is uniquely designed to remind people about the power of paying others a compliment in everyday life.

Says Hansen: “In a society where we are constantly on-the-go, it’s easy to forget the power of a compliment in changing someone’s day, making someone smile or deepening a connection.

“With a little help from CompliMENTOS and just a few kind gestures to one another, we can all freshen up our outlook on the day.

“Alongside our fun and inclusive brand positioning, we are also helping to instigate these conversations in real life with a first-of-its-kind activation in Sydney – a bus stop covered wall to wall in friendly compliments to help sweeten the day of busy commuters.”

To bring the CompliMENTOS proposition to life and advise on how people can use compliments to brighten someone’s day, Mentos has engaged psychologist and consultant to shows including Big Brother UK and Love Island UK, Honey Langcaster-James, who says that paying someone a compliment – even via unique means like a CompliMENTOS pack – can have a range of positive effects on the recipient and compliment giver.

Says Langcaster-James: “When we receive a compliment, we can experience a range of positive emotions that can boost and change our outlook on the day. Equally, it can help increase social bonds and reinforce interpersonal connections.

“It’s easy to feel busy and disconnected from those near and dear to us, but engaging in positive conversations, even briefly, can change this attitude immensely.”

Available nationally in Coles, Woolworths, IGAs and convenience stores, the compliment inspired product features 16 compliments including ‘you and I are Mint to be’, ‘you are the one I chews’ and ‘you sweeten up my life’. The range comes in mint, fruit, spearmint and rainbow flavours in single rolls and multipacks.

The CompliMENTOS range is available in-stores now. For more information, please visit:

Original Concept & Design: Your Social NL

Localisation: WiTH Collective

Mentos spreads positivity with Complimentos integrated campaign via WiTH Collective