Melbourne agency Gen C launches Pure Sh*t manure with proceeds going to charity


2020 has been a challenging year and in a bid to see some good come from this sh*t, 2020 Pure Sh*t launches out of Melbourne – a completely organic, dry, odourless manure with 100% of profits given to those deeply affected by the events of this year via Gen C.


Ideal for growing greenery both indoors and out, this 1.1kg bag of screened and aired Aussie cow manure is a perfect plant treat to feed our nation’s growing gardening obsession, while lending a hand to those who have found themselves knee deep in it – because something good (like flowers!) has to come out of 2020.

This doubly powerful poo is the brainchild of local creative agency, Gen C, who wanted to find a way to give back to those who have been affected by the sh*t show that is 2020, spending the last four months developing the brand from scratch.

Co-founders of Gen C and Pure Sh*t, Jack White and Nicholas Cox, explain that Pure Sh*t aims to play a small role in bringing the Australian community together, providing a little comic relief and working to help those in need.

Says White: “Pure Sh*t has been a real passion project for our team – we’ve personally felt the effects of the events of 2020 but equally have felt fortunate to have our health and our homes to work from in lockdown. We know many organisations and individuals have been deeply affected by this year. Pure Sh*t is our way of showing support, and helping Aussies see some good come of this year through what they’re able to grow and the give that comes with it.”

Melbourne agency Gen C launches Pure Sh*t manure with proceeds going to charity

Proceeds from the sales of Pure Sh*t will be donated to Brainwave Australia, a national charity that supports families of children with a brain illness or injury.

Says Cox: “Brainwave is an organisation close to our heart. When I was six, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, of which I was long ago given the all clear, and it inspired my mother to found Brainwave and ensure young people and their families living with a neurological condition feel supported.”

Dr Amy Timoshanko, CEO at Brainwave: “This is a great initiative and we are incredibly grateful for Gen C’s support. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our efforts to raise funds this year, but we’ve been working hard to try new things and keep support flowing to Brainwave families. Every week, throughout the pandemic about 70 children were diagnosed with neurological condition – an illness or injury that changes the way the brain functions. This often leads to how a child senses the world, processes information, how they move sleep and develop. It can have an impact in many ways. For the most part it is an unexpected, emergency situation, and has life long implications for child, parent, and the whole family. This is why Brainwave gets involved from day one – and stay connected for years. We help families with access to information, financial support and services. We are currently looking to instate new programs next year that will support the mental wellbeing of parents and find new ways of reaching the 37,500 Australian families caring for a child with a neurological condition.”

Melbourne agency Gen C launches Pure Sh*t manure with proceeds going to charity

Pure Sh*t has been developed by Gen C, in conjunction with Betta Grower and the good cows of Australia, and will be available in bags of 1.1kg for $25 via It is suitable for every type of garden, lawn or pot plants with pots 15cm or larger.

Says White: “We want people to have a bit of fun with this product. Yes, it’s a bag of sh*t…. but it’s also an opportunity to have a laugh and do something good. Purchase it for your own home or send a big ol’ bag of 2020 Pure Sh*t to a friend for Christmas and remind them we’re all in this sh*t together.”

Melbourne agency Gen C launches Pure Sh*t manure with proceeds going to charity

To purchase a bag of Pure Sh*t, gift it to a friend or to learn more about the product and its commitment to Brainwave, visit

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