Medibank extends ‘Generation Better’ campaign with ‘Mimi’ giant dinosaur via Whybins Melbourne


Medibank_playground_1.jpgAs part of the ‘Generation Better’ campaign, Medibank via Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne, has built a dinosaur play space to help encourage more physical activity and better health amongst Aussie children.

A survey of Australian parents with children under the age of 13 reveals that one third of children choose technology over playtime and, as a result, around 60% of children play outside for just one hour or less a day.

Medibank_playground_2.jpgSo to give kids another reason to go outside in an area that needed it within Yarraville, Victoria, Whybin\TBWA created “Mimi the muttaburrasaurus”, an imaginative play space modeled on a species that lived in Australia around 100 million years ago. She’s 3.5 metres tall and 7 metres long and is set into a landscape of giant egg cubbies and pre-historic trees with climbing ropes between Boy_holding_storybook.jpgthem. Kids can climb into her stomach, use a voice tube to roar like a dinosaur then slide out her tail. The result is an inspiring playground giving kids a big reason to get back outside.

Mimi the muttaburrasaurus has also been turned into the star of a beautifully illustrated children’s book called, “BAMM! THWONG! SPROING! PHROOMP! WEEEE! Playing outside is the Boy looking inside.jpgbest”. The story is all about Mimi’s favourite thing to do – play outside -and encourages kids to do the same, inviting them to come meet her and play.

As well as building on the ‘Generation Better’ philosophy, the play space and storybook are launching the Medibank Community Grants Program. Through the program, Medibank are inviting not-for-profit groups across the country to apply for grants to spend on initiatives they believe will help increase community health and wellbeing, as Mimi does in Yarraville.

Client: Medibank

Creative Agency: Whybin\TBWA Group Melbourne

Executive Creative Director: Paul Reardon

Creative team / Design: Tara Ford & Daniel Pizzato

Executive Producer: Karolina Bozajkovska

Playground Build / Design / Fabrication: Big Fish Workshop

Content Filming: Guilty Productions

Director: Edwin McGill

Producer: Jason Byrne

Group Account Director: Belinda Williams

Senior Account Director: Cassie Cobain

Account Manager: Jeremy Wilson

Senior Planner: Kees Kalk

PR Agency: Eleven PR


Writing/Art Direction: Tara Ford and Daniel Pizzato

Illustrator: Annie Davidson

Producer: Karolina Bozajkovska