Meal kit delivery companies Marley Spoon and Dinnerly launch new TVCs via Abel Creative

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Meal kit subscription company Marley Spoon has launched into 2020 with a national ad campaign, starting with a new TVC developed by Abel Creative.


Affordable food delivery alternative Dinnerly, owned by Marley Spoon has also launched its first-ever TVC. Dinnerly uses all the same high-quality suppliers as Marley Spoon, however recipes require fewer ingredients and are easier to prepare. Meals start at $5.25 per person.

Coming off a year of expanding the Marley Spoon menu and introducing new meal choices – including more healthy meals and vegan options – the TVC focuses on the different types of personalities who cook with Marley Spoon. From everyday chefs to the health-conscious and busy dinner enthusiasts, the food delivery company highlights the everyday dinner inspiration delivered in each box. The ad was produced by Heckler.

In line with the national TV campaign, Marley Spoon is continuing its tradition of painting the town yellow at the beginning of each year with a complementary outdoor campaign. The eye-catching campaign will be on display across buses and trams in Sydney and Melbourne, with the brand continuing to spread its message of delivering ‘Deliciously Different Meal Kits’.

Ashleigh Becker, head of acquisition for Marley Spoon and Dinnerly, says the creative concept is all about stripping back big ideas and focusing what Marley Spoon does best.

Says Becker: “If you speak with Marley Spoon customers, it’s rare that there’s just one thing they really enjoy. For some people it’s the variety of meals, for others it’s about saving time; much like cooking, it’s a personal decision. So we wanted to showcase all of these in a way that really cuts through.

“From the moment we started working with them, the team at Abel proved they were the right creative partners. They demonstrated a highly informed understanding of our product and customers, and how to best showcase the still relatively new concept to potential dinner enthusiasts. Developing the creative concept alongside the Abel Creative team gave us a chance to creatively explore new and exciting ways to show how Marley Spoons compliments the lives of our busy customers.

On Dinnerly, Becker says: “Last year was an enormous year for Dinnerly and the success was built almost entirely off the back of strong online performance marketing. Utilising our deep level of customer insights and data derived from our online marketing efforts, we now get to take these learnings to broadcast media and continue to introduce the Dinnerly brand to more Australians.”

“Marley Spoon has achieved a significant level of success which highlighted the opportunity to launch a more affordable meal kit option into the market. Now we can offer a helping hand to more Australians at dinnertime and allow them to also enjoy the benefits that meal kits can offer.

“The tone of voice, brand personality and appeal are deliberately very different between Dinnerly and Marley Spoon; we wanted to create something unique to make sure this really came to life. Our team has worked incredibly hard to make sure each of the differences between the brands are clearly defined and celebrated – this is totally different from anything we have done with Marley Spoon.”

Creative: Abel Creative
Production: Heckler
Media Agency: Avenue C

Meal kit delivery companies Marley Spoon and Dinnerly launch new TVCs via Abel Creative