McDonald’s adds to Australia’s list of ‘big things’ in new Big Lunchbox campaign via DDB Sydney


Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.10.37 am.jpgTo celebrate the arrival of 100 per cent Aussie rump steak to its Real Choices menu, McDonald’s has added to Australia’s world famous list of ‘big things’ with the Big Lunchbox in a campaign via DDB Sydney.

However, this is no ordinary lunchbox; as well as taking centre stage in McDonald’s new TVCs, over the next month it’s also travelling around Australia and transforming into an extraordinary pop-up restaurant that serves our delicious Mini Steak Taster Wrap.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.12.01 am.jpgThe Macca’s Big Lunchbox will be in Melbourne until Friday before it moves to the Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

McDonald’s Australia:

Mark Lollback – Chief Marketing Officer

Bronwyn Powell – Marketing Director

Alice Telford – National Marketing Manager

Anna Webster – Senior Brand Manager

Andrew Southey – Brand Manager


DDB Group

Toby Talbot – Chief Creative Officer, DDB Sydney

Cam Hoelter – Deputy Executive Creative Director, DDB Sydney

Steve Jackson – Creative Director, DDB Sydney

Ben Pearce – Senior Creative, DDB Sydney

Matt Chandler – Senior Creative, DDB Sydney

Ramon Rodriguez – Head of Design, DDB Sydney

Domenic Bartolo – Senior Craft Designer, DDB Sydney


Nicole Taylor – Managing Director, DDB Sydney

Lisa Hauptmann – Group Business Director, DDB Sydney

Kirstie McWhannell – Business Director, DDB Sydney

Brett Griffiths – Production Manager, DDB Sydney


Ben Greenslade – Senior Account Director – Experiential, Mango Sydney

Tina Alldis – Senior Account Director – PR, Mango Sydney

Emily Righton – Production Director, Mango Sydney

Laura Cario – Senior Account Manager, Mango Sydney


Brenden Johnson – Head of Onscreen Production, DDB Sydney

Harriet Burton Taylor – TV Producer, DDB Sydney



Tobi Fukushima – Account Director

Gemma Lewis – Account Director

Tom Hutley – Social Director


Will O’Rourke:

Paul Bruty – Director, The Glue Society

Luke Crethar – Director and Editor, The Glue Society

Michael Ritchie – Executive Producer

Josh Mullens – Head of Projects

Alex Kember – Producer

Rob Marsh – DOP

Enzo Iacono – Production Designer



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