M&C Saatchi Sydney introduces new ‘Working From Home. Period’ initiative

M&C Saatchi Sydney introduces new ‘Working From Home. Period’ initiative

In the wake of International Women’s Day, M&C Saatchi Sydney has launched Working From Home. Period. an initiative supporting and encouraging women suffering from period pain to take the time they need to work from home.


The program aims to help normalise conversations and de-stigmatise periods while educating managers on how to sensitively manage conversations on the topic and help women who might need further support.

On the days that women feel unwell, they can let their manager know that they’ll be “WFH. Period.”, creating a more comfortable working environment for women.

Says Nathalie Brady, general manager, M&C Saatchi Group: “Ninety per cent of women experience period pain and for 20%, it’s debilitating. With one-third of men finding periods an unprofessional topic to discuss in the workplace, women often simply endure this pain in silence.

“As a business, we recognised the need to make our workplace more inclusive; to rethink the outdated way of addressing the discomfort some women experience every month through openness and education.”

The WFH. Period. initiative is a proud build on M&C Saatchi’s approach to flexible working which is based on the idea of empowering people to work where they work best and be accountable for the work they deliver. The strategic initiative is designed to increase productivity and happiness in the workplace and is tailored to individual needs, from flexible locations to flex hours, part-time roles and flexible leave.