May Day for Aussie agency cummins&partners – opens overnight in New York’s Tribeca district


CUMMINS-IN-NYC-web.jpgCB Exclusive – Part of its strategy to build a global independent network that promotes a bundled offering, cummins&partners opened today – May Day – in New York’s Tribeca district.

The AdNews Australian Agency of the year has had stellar growth in only three years in the market with its combination of media and creative as one.

“I am setting up shop here because I believe it can help all our client brands in all our offices,” says global CEO Sean Cummins (left).

“I have several agendas I want to push in this market besides our full service offering. I have a huge desire to start the agency not only as a one stop shop, but a place that has strong focus on women in key leadership and hopefully ownership roles.

“This industry talks big about technology, innovation and disruption but to own the future is to have women in high office across all the disciplines.”

“Everyone says the future is mobile (phones). It is mobile and women.”

Adds Cummins: “Certainly a key to our success so far has been bringing media and creative together, but the unheralded aspects of cummins&partners is the strong core of woman in partnership roles. We may be one of the better examples of this in the world.

“The industry needs to get over its machismo. The unconscious cues,  the ” male gaze”,  that makes it unfriendly to women…. and truly start to lead other industries in promoting women.

“I am in New York and I am hopeful of attracting the most talented women and men in this city to be part of our new agency.

“We are patient about getting our talent choices right in leadership and I am interested in meeting anyone who shares our values. And also so I don’t have to take any more selfies outside the office,” says Cummins.