Mastering the Art of Innovation: Meet the new producer ensemble of Elastic

Mastering the Art of Innovation: Meet the new producer ensemble of Elastic

In an exciting move towards amplified innovative production, Elastic is ready to unveil the dynamic new team of producers across its Sydney and Melbourne offices.


This newly bolstered ensemble harnesses the collective strength of varying and unique skill sets, enabling a seamless collaborative process on each project from creative to production.

Executive producer Catherine Terracini explains more in her approach: “Building this producer team in a laterally functioning, multi-skilled way was essential to ensure we elevate every brief and campaign with the collective expertise & passion of this group. We are always pursuing innovative ways of working and incubating with creative technology to the advantage of each project and our clients.

“Whilst each producer is unique and has their specific focus and expertise, we will always be led by our clients needs and objectives. Right now, we are in a perfect position to collaborate on the ultimate solutions and executions with the added freedom of selecting the ideal partner from an incredible landscape of our preferred freelance directors.”

At its core, this team is equipped to lead future campaigns in multi-disciplinary ways with creative, less traditional solutions to ambitious objectives. Some of their most recent work has been created via a range of approaches including hybrid live action/CG/practical (in camera) effects, virtual production, and animation work with Daikin, U by Kotex, Destination New South Wales, Rinnai, Tourism North East and Kia.

The team consists of:
Catherine Terracini – Executive Producer (Creative Solutions + Innovation: Production + Post)
Kadi Lokk – Senior Producer (Large Scale Hybrid)
Lydia Holt – Senior Producer (Large Scale Hybrid)
Claudia Brookes – Senior Producer (Integrated & Automotive)
Bec Madin – Production Coordinator (Narrative Live Action)
Vivienne Mazey Smith – Creative Producer (Narrative + Direction)
Ben Wallace – Producer (Creative Tech)
Greer Lindsay – Production Co-ordinator (Narrative Live Action)
Katie Latta – Producer (Digital & Integrated Campaigns)

This week, the Elastic producer team workshopped the limitations around AI image generation in relation to specific briefs. Rather than traditional headshots, the producers each collaborated with Elastic designer Zac Watson to generate an image that accurately represented their unique skills and personality. Using specific references and stylistic prompts, each portrait was generated in AI and refined to ensure alignment to the original brief.

Elastic is a commercially-focused innovator dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. With a commitment to collaboration, it continues to lead the way in delivering cutting-edge productions that captivate audiences.

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