Mars Wrigley’s and Undercover Roasters unveil the ECLIPSE Mint Mocha via Thinkerbell


Coffee is a huge part of Aussie routines and the way we connect. This has led to ECLIPSE mints partnering with cutting-edge coffee roasters Undercover Roasters, to develop the world’s first coffee to leave you with fresh breath. The innovation and campaign was facilitated by Thinkerbell.


Melbourne’s coffee scene is second to none. Since the 1950’s, Melbourne cafes have been pouring the world’s best ‘cup of Joe’, while also pioneering some of the best coffee styles that have gone on to influence the world.

Says Michelle Gazzolo, portfolio director gum and mints, Mars Wrigley: “We know Australians habitually reach for a mint after a coffee. So, we developed the ECLIPSE Mint Mocha to help emphasise this occasion, and make coffee moments instantly more desirable. We have loved working with Undercover Roasters to develop the special edition ECLIPSE Mint Mocha and are proud to see it in cafes, and on shelves for people to try at home.”

The ECLIPSE Mint Mocha comes in two ways: a spearmint infused chocolate ‘orb’ to be integrated into coffees by baristas. As well as an ECLIPSE Mint Mocha granules pack.

Says Tom Wenborn, executive creative tinker, Thinkerbell: “Coffee and Spearmint is an unlikely combination – but it works. The ECLIPSE Mint Mocha is a seriously delicious innovation. The R&D involved has kept the Thinkerbell office buzzing for the last couple of months. We’ve loved working with ECLIPSE mints to help them find a new, inventive way to showcase the coffee and mint occasion.”

The ECLIPSE Mint Mocha is available in participating cafes, such as Undercover Roasters, Abbotsford, Turning Point, Ripponlea, Short Straw, Hawthorn, Collective Espresso, Camberwell. It can also be purchased as a 250g take home granule pack.

The innovation is available for a limited time only.

Agency: Thinkerbell
Client: ECLIPSE mints, Mars Wrigley
Production: Betty Wants In

Mars Wrigley’s and Undercover Roasters unveil the ECLIPSE Mint Mocha via Thinkerbell