Marianne O’Brien’s Cannes Diary #2

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Marianne O’Brien’s Cannes Diary #2

Marianne O’Brien, managing partner – creative at CHEP Network is representing Australia on the Cannes Radio & Audio Lions. O’Brien, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes exclusively for CB.


The results are about to come out.

This is how we decided what made the cut.

The tough questions our jury asked about the work.

First and foremost, is it an audio led idea at its heart? If audio is just on the side, then save your entry fees.

Is it bullet proof? If we can find the holes, we don’t want to stand beside it at the press conference.

If it’s a tech innovation, can you show us it actually works? It takes the shine off the idea if the jury isn’t clear or has to dig too deep to figure it out. Explain it as you would to a four-year-old, then show us how it has an impact on people.

Is there a tension or twist? If it seems like too logical or obvious an answer, you’ve missed a trick.

Does it make us jealous, do we wish we had done it? When you are reviewing hundreds of entries, you search for an emotive response to the work. Jealousy pops up as such a strong spike, it’s a simple gauge for the jurors.

2% of the entries made it to metal. I’ll share what we loved about the winners tomorrow.

Marianne O’Brien’s Cannes Diary #2