Make love not war with consumers


cocacola.pngMarket research agency Square Holes is urging bigbrands to “make love not war” when it comes to marketing. Square Holes ManagingDirector Jason Dunstone said the consumers involved voiced a warning tomarketers that “if you’re not relevant, you’re invisible” and”don’t give me any bullshit!”

“Too many brands were so busy fighting competitorsthat they‟d forgotten their consumers,” Dunstone said. “Consumers areincreasingly cynical about mainstream marketing, they’re not silly, they can’tbe manipulated. Brands who understand their consumers and fit in with theirlives are triumphing.”

The research explored what Australians love.

“A creative and well executed marketing campaign is essential, but even the major brands can get it wrong,” said Dunstone. “The consumers contrasted the Coca-Cola’s less believable ‘No Preservatives’ TV commercial with Coca-Cola’s more vibrant ‘Open Happiness’ commercial. Brands shouldn’t be afraid to be real or to have fun. It’s great to see many marketers starting to move in the right direction. McDonald’s adult playground and the new Aerogard Summer Lovin TV commercials are excellent examples.”

Data was gained from in-home discussions amongst groups of friends,an online survey of 1,000 Australians aged 16+ selected from MyOpinions paneland ethnography.


The top 10 ‘loved’ brands in the Square Holes research were:

1. Sony

2. Apple

3. Holden

4. Telstra

5. Toyota

6. Qantas

7. Coca-Cola

8. Optus

9. Samsung

10. Cadbury