MADC Presents: ‘Why hire an architect? Why hire an agency?’ with Peter Maddison on Tues, June 11

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MADC Presents: ‘Why hire an architect? Why hire an agency?’ with Peter Maddison on Tues, June 11

A growing number of clients these days believe they can do just fine without an agency. Likewise, many Australians believe they can build a house without an architect. Is it all about cost cutting? And if so, what’s the ultimate price of creativity?


MADC will step outside of the advertising bubble for a night and inside the welcoming, open fire fueled warmth of the Local Taphouse, St Kilda as MADC Presents Peter Maddison on Tuesday, June 11. The charismatic host of Grand Designs Australia will talk about the remarkable similarities of our two creative industries and the true value of creative thinking in an increasingly commoditised world.

Maddison is the founding director of Maddison Architects. He’s contributed to the Royal Australian Institute of Architects for the last three decades, and is currently a member of the Honours Committee. In 2014 he was conferred as a Doctor of Design by RMIT and in 2016 was awarded the National President’s Prize by the RAIA for Australian Achievement in Architecture. Maddison Architects has won some 70+ awards.

Maddison took on the role of host of Grand Designs Australia in 2009. He’s played a large part in making sure that architecture is at the frontline of Australia’s increasing appetite for design.

Grand Designs reaches over 5 million Australian viewers annually. And Maddison’s been nominated for three Logie Awards and three AACTA awards.

He is ambassador for the not-for-profit Melbourne Open House, Kids Under Cover charity, Architects Without Frontiers, and has recently become Patron for Beaumaris Modern.



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