MACQ 01 rewards exhausted Aussies for sleeping longer in new campaign via Special PR

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MACQ 01 rewards exhausted Aussies for sleeping longer in new campaign via Special PR

Tasmania’s luxury hotel MACq 01 has launched a new sleep campaign with Special PR, allowing guests to save money in their sleep. Encouraging those with weary-wanderlust to catch up and reset their sleep habits, the Pay By Sleep ‘Slumber Suite’ is designed to help Aussies catch up on quality sleep, for free.


Australia is riding the wave of sleep travel trends from sleepy gal mocktails to endless sleep hacks, but despite the nation’s obsession with talking about it, we’re still not getting enough of it.

New research from Tasmania’s luxury hotel MACq 01 has shown 38% of Aussies average just six hours or less a night, leaving more than a third of us feeling tired frequently or all the time. Whilst the research found a lucky 8% always get a good night’s sleep – that means a huge nine in ten are struggling to get quality shut eye – something even more problematic in winter months, with science showing we need an extra hour of sleep due to longer periods of darkness.

This innovative campaign by MACq 01 aims to remedy Australia’s sleep crisis, rewarding any travellers booking a two night stay between now and September 30th in the Slumber Suite, with the opportunity to cut $100 off their bill for every hour of sleep they get over 6 hours – with those stacking up a perfect nine hours slumber able to bag their night for free.

MACq 01 is looking to appeal to the quarter of Australians who have fallen asleep at their desk, the 5% nodding off mid sex, the 7% having had a kip in a nightclub or pub and the 8% of people who have actually fallen asleep on the toilet.

MACQ 01 rewards exhausted Aussies for sleeping longer in new campaign via Special PR

Says Danika Porter, head of brand and marketing, MACq 01: “Our research revealed that seven in ten Australians agree that one of the benefits of going on a holiday is to catch up on sleep and feel refreshed. But we so often hear people returning from a trip away feeling more exhausted than when they left.

“In the Pay By Sleep Slumber Suite we’ve considered every moment from the time our guests arrive. From red lighting, the pillow choice and the temperature, as well as a sleep-inducing food and drink menu, a heavenly weighted blanket, a range of Tasmanian bedtime teas,  calming lavender room scents and sleepy drops, bedtime stories, and step by step sleep guide from Shea Morrison.

“At MACq 01 we’re embracing the sleep travel movement to not only give guests a reason to slow down and reset some negative habits, but also the most idyllic environment to do it in. The crisp Tasmanian winter temperatures and our waterside location are ideal for a good night sleep.  We’re flipping the costly health retreat concept on its head and instead giving guests the benefits and potential to stay for free.”

MACQ 01 rewards exhausted Aussies for sleeping longer in new campaign via Special PR

To bring the campaign to life across earned and social MACq 01 recruited Sleep Expert, Shea Morrison.

Says Kate Wilkinson, creative strategist, Special PR: “We developed the Slumber Suite in partnership with Shea with a carefully curated waterside room, boasting a sleepy food and drink menu, scientifically backed lighting and temperature, a bath lover’s dream setup, snooze-inducing weighted blanket, room scents, and more. Now is the perfect time for warm blooded Aussies to venture down south for a Wintery getaway, where sleep is top of the to-do list.”

The campaign is rolling out across earned, online and social channels.

Client: MACQ 01 Hotel
Head of Brand and Marketing: Danika Porter

Agency: Special PR
Managing Director: Alex Bryant
Creative Strategist: Kate Wilkinson
Earned Creative: Tom Selby
Publicist: Allex Conley
Account Executive: Bella Hayes