Live Love Work Port Phillip builds connections with local stories in new films via The Incubator

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Local stories connect people and help build a sense of belonging for locals and visitors alike. Live Love Work Port Phillip has developed a series of Local Stories to introduce its shopkeepers, share their stories and build connection with Port Phillip. The campaign was developed by agency The Incubator.


Says Jeremy Walsh, director, The Incubator: “Unpacking and really understanding a place is critical to building an authentic destination brand and reflecting it back to its locals and visitors.

“We believe our Local Stories gives our audience a look into what it’s like to visit and be part of the Port Phillip community, told by real people, with real stories.

Says Alison McDowell, Live Love Work Port Phillip co-founder and Roadmap strategy director: “We are proud to support our local businesses at this difficult time. Port Phillip Local Stories was something our founders could do to help other local businesses keep the lights on, connect them with their community and showcase Port Phillip to Melbournians, and beyond, to encourage people to visit.”