Lite n’ Easy launches next chapter of ‘Just good food n’ great results’ campaign via Hardhat


Lite n’ Easy, the food delivery service that helps Aussies eat healthy n’ live happy, has launched the second instalment of the ‘Just good food n’ great results’ campaign via independent agency Hardhat.


Off the back of the original series which launched earlier this year, the new series of TVCs returns to the office where we see the same colleagues navigate their way through ridiculous food choices in search of a healthy, tasty meal.

At a time where Aussies will go to ridiculous lengths to ensure they’re eating well, Lite n’ Easy has backed its 37 years of experience with a campaign that brings a confident simplicity to the world of healthy eating. No lining up for 40 mins for a sad salad, or meticulously preparing a 13-piece meal – just nutritious food designed by dietitians, prepared by chefs and delivered delicious to customers.

Says Jonathan Heath, creative director at Hardhat: “For some reason, lunchtime at work seems to be fraught with numerous perils – do you go out, stay in, try to be healthy, treat yourself, opt for takeaway or do you dare microwave last night’s salmon to save some money? It was such a great opportunity to explore and explode this with our now beloved characters, all the while upholding Lite n’ Easy’s simple but confident promise – offering affordable good food n’ great results with zero fuss, zero hassle and zero chance of an HR incident.”

Says Hardhat co-ECDs Andy and Hincey in eerily-perfect unison: “You know you’re onto a good thing when you’re asked for a sequel, so it was a Lite n’ Easy treat to get the band back together and see this trio in action again.”

Says Simon Northfield, head of marketing at Lite n’ Easy: “It’s been exciting to continue working with the Hardhat team and evolve this creative piece to deliver our brand’s mission in a way that resonates with our audiences. We’re looking forward to spreading our message further and inspiring more Aussie’s to achieve better health and happiness through good food.”

Creative Agency: Hardhat
Client: Lite n’ Easy
Production Company: Poppet
Executive Producer: Nat Taylor
Producer: Elizabeth Malcher
Director: Julian Lucas
Post production: Cutting Edge