Lipton Ice Tea helps Aussies ‘beat the heat’ in new Snapchat campaign via PHD Sydney


Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 10.26.15 am.jpgIn a global media first, Lipton Ice Tea has launched its latest campaign via PHD Sydney, which serves video content on Snapchat to help consumers ‘beat the heat’ with cool and dynamic footage.

The idea, utilises Weather Targeting via a programmatic buy on Snapchat, automatically triggered when the temperature exceeds 26 degrees.  Ads are served only when the temperature reaches this tipping point, ensuring the brand is only encouraging Australia to cool down with Lipton Ice Tea in the most relevant possible context.

SnapAds in Stories and Discover sections of the Snapchat app are being bought via the Brand Networks platform, tapping into the Snapchat API as well as a 3rd party weather data feed.

The video content was formed working in partnership with Storyful (a Newscorp content company), which sourced videos of people online demonstrating how they stay cool in the heat.

The campaign comes as an extension from Lipton Ice Tea’s ongoing partnership with The Big Bash, which sees the brand freshened up the breaks by turning them into Lipton Ice Tea Breaks.

Says Anneliese Douglass, head of media and PR at Unilever ANZ: “We’ve been testing and learning on the Snapchat platform across several brands for some time now, optimising how we engage our target audience with a message that truly resonates in that moment. Weather targeting was a natural evolution and it’s fantastic to take an idea from creative through to implementation, that leverages the opportunities presented by a Mobile first platform.”

Says Kathryn Furnari, business director across Unilever at PHD: “Weather targeting has been very effective in many channels, it is great to see the possibilities of this extending through to a mobile environment such as Snapchat as it is a great opportunity for us to engage with our consumers at the most relevant possible moment.”