Lifeblood appoints M&C Saatchi Group as creative behaviour change agency

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Lifeblood appoints M&C Saatchi Group as creative behaviour change agency

M&C Saatchi Group has been appointed Australian Red Cross Lifeblood’s creative behaviour change agency following a competitive pitch.


Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is funded by Australian governments to provide life-giving blood, plasma, transplantation and biological products for world-leading health outcomes.  With 1 in 3 people needing blood or blood products in their lifetime, M&C Saatchi is privileged to work with Lifeblood to help drive a deeper commitment to blood donation in Australia.

Says Michael McEwan, CEO, M&C Saatchi: “We all rely on the kindness of strangers to become donors and save lives. Most people agree with the premise, but need help to act. There are motivations to be found, myths to bust and barriers to overcome to shift that positive change in behaviour.  Attracting 100,000+ new biological donors each and every year is a well-defined mission and one that requires each of our specialist capabilities and the team at Lifeblood to rally behind. We have co-created a diverse team of talented and passionate people to achieve this mission.”

Says Jeremy Weiss, director of marketing, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood: “Donors, new and existing, are our Lifeblood—without them, we can’t deliver the critical services that impact Australians’ health outcomes.

“Throughout the process, M&C Saatchi demonstrated outstanding understanding of the necessary behaviour change; to build an emotional connection to our brand and inspire those to act. Their breadth of specialist capability, experience, and team model positions them to deliver effectively. In every session, we gained a great sense of their culture and values. We’re excited about the potential of our partnership and the positive impact we can achieve together.”

Says Emma Robbins, executive creative director, M&C Saatchi: “There is a beautiful simplicity and emotion at the heart of Lifeblood, and that’s ‘Life’. Working off that simple truth is a powerful starting point for our collective team. We are very much up for the challenge of helping fellow Australians experience the powerful emotion of becoming a donor. What a wonderful thing to be a part of.”

The appointment of M&C Saatchi Group is effective immediately with new work to be in the market later this year.

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