LIA extends 25% off standard entry fees through the final deadline 31 August

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LIA extends 25% off standard entry fees through the final deadline 31 August

While the world is trying to reset, LIA knows from global figures that it will take at least two years for the global market to recover from the assault of the pandemic.


According to statistics, 2020 was, arguably, the most brutal year for the advertising economy in the past 40 years. Statistics have shown there was at least 8.8% fall that year. The vast majority of the media landscape was severely impacted by lockdowns. Advertising spend fell well below the 2019 pre-pandemic level.

In the light of what is happening globally from a business perspective, many in the industry from all over the world have reached out to LIA with the request to extend the 25% discount off standard entry fees.

LIA has announced that, in a practical effort to bolster the industry, it is going to continue to give all entries submitted, even after 31st May, a 25% discount. On top of that, rest assured, LIA does not charge late fees. Ever.

Despite these tough times, LIA remains optimistic that there will be many great pieces of work entered into LIA this year. This industry is resilient; it will rebound back.

In the meantime, LIA will continue to do what it has always done: champion the creative process, creatives themselves and fantastic work. That’s what you can expect from a show that was ‘Created for Creatives’.

For more information about entry submissions: LIA AWARDS.



LIA entries finalised by 31st May will be discounted 25% off the standard entry fee. LIA does not charge late fees.

LIA 2021 Eligibility:
– As most work is a joint effort, LIA allows any company or individual to enter work they have collaborated on.
– Work must be broadcast, published or released from 1st Sept. 2019 thru 8th Aug. 2021

LIA has added two new competitions for 2021:
The first is Transformative Business Impact:
This competition recognizes that creativity does not just live within campaigns, it now plays an influential role in the enduring transformation of businesses including their operations, services, products, internal experiences and customer experiences. This medium doesn’t just recognize work that promotes solutions to customers; it recognizes the solutions themselves.

The second newly added competition is Creative Use of Data:
This competition recognizes entries that demonstrate the fundamental role of data in inspiring, powering and enhancing creative work.

LIA has changed the name of The NEW to Evolution

Judging will take place remotely in October. Check out our Jury Presidents.

Final Entry Deadline: 31st August 2021