Leo Burnett celebrates success of Canon EOS Photo 5 competition with gallery of 7000+ images


CANON-1.jpgLeo Burnett, Sydney and Canon celebrated the massive success of this year’s EOS Photo 5 competition with a striking gallery of over 7,000 consumer created images, held Thursday night at Carriage Works Bay 19. The night was filled with inspiration including a projected video of all the finalists and winners.

CANON-2.jpgCANON-4.jpgPhoto 5 is a photography competition which is part of the everexpanding World of EOS community, a unique new platform for aspiringand experienced photographers developed by Leo Burnett, Sydney. In thecompetition, registrants from the World of EOS received a box with 5assignments designed to challenge them in the areas of portraiture, lowlight, action, macro photography and a new technique titled Bokeh.

World of EOS is also home to Photochains, a new social platform forphotographers which has been a huge commercial success and a recentwinner at the YoungGuns Awards, as well as tutorials for all levels ofDSLR photographers and the People’s Gallery, a unique space wherephotographers can create their own exhibitions to share with the world.


Over the last week the Photo 5 gallery at Carriage Works Bay 19 hasseen an average of over 400 people a day walk through the doors, takingin the amazing display for over an hour on average.