Kathmandu rewards Aussies and New Zealanders for spending time outdoors in new campaign


Unique to the Australian and New Zealand market, Kathmandu has launched a new campaign announcing it is now rewarding consumers for spending time in nature.


The campaign was developed in-house.

For the first time in 30 years, Kathmandu has overhauled its loyalty program, transitioning over two million members from Summit Club – launched in 1994 – to the all-new ‘Out There Rewards’ program, with the leading proposition to reward its members for getting out there.

The launch of ‘Out There Rewards’ marks a significant milestone for Kathmandu. The new design delivers a world-class experience, shifting from a traditional spend-and-save model to a dynamic, tiered system, allowing members to move up through four levels the more they get outdoors.

Says Richard Dalke, general manager of marketing and customer, Kathmandu: “Kathmandu has long recognised its community of members across Australia and New Zealand as an incredibly important asset. With our loyalty program reaching over two million members, and a pinnacle of Kathmandu’s success since it began, it has been a huge priority for us to reinvent the loyalty platform to ensure we are delivering a best-in-class experience for our community.

“Over three years, we have spent significant time dissecting our customer journey. We understood we needed to provide more than just great outdoor gear to our members, but a platform that is representative of our purpose to improve the wellbeing of the world through the outdoors. Out There Rewards forms the launch pad to help our members live their best lives out there.”

How ‘Out There Rewards’ works

While the new design maintains many of the elements members love – including access to exclu- sive offers, member reward vouchers and birthday vouchers – ‘Out There Rewards’ delivers three key elements of newness committed to improving member experience.

—  Simplified member sign up and identification: customers can now self-sign-up via QR codes in stores to reduce their time at point-of-sale and minimise data entry errors. Additionally, members can now store a digital member card in their Apple or Google wallet on their smart phone for easy access.
—  Rewarding members for getting out there in nature: the most prolific component, designed to inspire, support and reward members who MOVE – get active out there – EXPLORE – discover the unexpected or unknown – and CONNECT – by recharging with nature.
—  Engaging and interactive Member Hub: an all-new dashboard accessible through the Kathmandu website has been developed, allowing members to engage directly with the program’s features and benefits: ways to earn more rewards, activities and challenges, online purchase history, and importantly, the functionality to log their time in nature to earn points.

Over time, member benefits will continue to expand. Future horizons promise to provide members exclusive access to free or discounted outdoor recreation apps and services, invite-only outdoor events and experiences, early promotions and gear launches, as well as rewards for submitting gear reviews and returning pre-loved Kathmandu gear for upcycling.

Says Elaine Nguyen, loyalty program manager, Kathmandu: “Within our market, most outdoor retailers are focussed on providing value to members through discounts, and those more progressive are providing events and exclusivity. While these elements are great and serve purpose, we placed importance on taking it that step further by rewarding members for enjoying outdoor activities, like hiking, bushwalking, visiting a national park, discover- ing a waterfall, admiring the view or discovering a new trail.”

To celebrate the launch of ‘Out There Rewards’, Kathmandu is hosting the Kathmandu $150k Giveaway, whereby members are invited to opt-in for their chance to win over 700 prizes from an impressive pool of global and local brands, including Tasmanian Walking Company, BIG4 Holiday Parks, Intrepid Travel, AllTrails, Salomon and more.

To find out more about Kathmandu’s ‘Out There Rewards’ Loyalty Program, visit: www.kathmandu.com.au or www.kathmandu.co.nz

And to find out more about Kathmandu’s $150k Giveaway, visit: win.kathmandu.com.au or win.kathmandu.co.nz

Videographer: Darcy Campell, Red Crush Media

Kathmandu team:
Glenn Gibbins – Creative Manager
Social Media Manager – Tom Robertson
Naomi Guest – Digital Designer
Elaine Ngyuen – Loyalty Program Manager