Kathmandu and VICE Australia connect urbanites with nature in content series via We Are Social

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Kathmandu and VICE Australia connect urbanites with nature in content series via We Are Social

Outdoor brand Kathmandu and youth media publication VICE Australia are partnering to get people out in nature with “Out there with…”, a new content platform created by socially-led creative agency We Are Social that brings to life Kathmandu’s new brand purpose “We’re Out There”.


Exploring outdoor subcultures like foraging, dog walking, and Wim Hoffing, “Out there with…” aims to highlight the benefits of the outdoors on our mood, creativity, and overall wellbeing for younger audiences.

The first episode, launching today on Kathmandu’s and  VICE Australia’s channels, sees Empire of the Sun, PNAU front-man and cultural icon Nick Littlemore, partner with foraging expert and eccentric guide Diego Bonetto, as they explore pine forests in southern NSW.

A set of photographs documenting the experience will also be released on Kathmandu’s owned channels through a range of lookbooks, social shopping assets, and educational content.

Says Eva Barrett, chief customer officer at Kathmandu: “We’re thrilled to team with VICE and We Are Social on this partnership. At Kathmandu we know that nature changes our brains for the better and we can’t wait to highlight just how many great subcultures there are in the outdoors.”

Says Edu Pou, executive creative director at We Are Social: “Nothing is quite like discovering a place first-hand. And “Out there” is a place. Exploring specific outdoor subcultures, we aim to go beyond the expected and inspire our audience to start their own journeys.”

Watch the video on the Kathmandu website.

Chief Customer Officer: Eva Barrett
Social Media Specialist: Alix Bidios
Digital Marketing Specialist: Phillippa Shipley

Senior Account Director: Ben Mayor
Head of Production: Ainslee Littlemore
Executive Creative Director: Edu Pou
Copywriter: Ewan Harvey
Art Director: Mike Phillips
Senior Editor: Michele Danno

Executive Producer: Anna Lawrence
Director / DOP: James Millynn
DOP: Simon Knox
Art Director: Sophia De Vries
Creative Project Manager: Charmaine Viscanyo