Karla Henwood’s Cannes Diary #2

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Karla Henwood’s Cannes Diary #2

Karla Henwood, executive creative producer at Nylon Studios is representing Australia on the Cannes Entertainment Lions for Music. Henwood, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes exclusively for CB.


Music has the potential to be such a powerful communication tool.

Working in music I could be a little bias, but as a jury we’ve had the complete pleasure of reviewing a spectrum of engaging, confronting, motivating and innovative music work – it’s been a total buzz!

Among all of the new ideas, emerging political and social trends there is some truly inspired work that deserves to be celebrated. So back in our dark padded cell, today’s judging session is about creating the shortlist.

We drilled down and scrutinised the categories, work and entry criteria to again evaluate and vote anonymously. Our initial shortlist results came in with about 10% of what we had seen and voted on – with some great creative not making the cut.

In fairness we are curating the very best of the best, but we each had the opportunity to bring one piece of work back to the table. This is where all of the passion and emotion swelled up in the room. It was really wonderful to listen to everyone’s articulate and considered thoughts and views on music and it’s value in particular context or categories, which in itself was inspiring.

We did a final review and were all very pleased with ourselves and the results.

OMG – We have the shortlist!

Karla Henwood’s Cannes Diary #2