Juli Balla joins Photoplay Photography

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Juli Balla joins Photoplay Photography

A tour de force of Australian creativity, Juli Balla has joined the Photoplay Photography roster for representation as a photographer and director, complementing its diverse roster of creatives.


In a career spanning three decades, Balla has a robust foundation in art, design, fashion, textiles, and film. Her calling-card is meticulous attention to detail and craft – a considered palate, dramatic composition, and captivating narratives. Balla assembles an elite team of creative collaborators to execute ideas, resulting in dynamic visuals that are singularly hers.

Balla is constantly evolving her practice and pushing her own boundaries, continually captivating her audience. Her impressive portfolio spans industry giants, along with prestigious publications from around the world. She has been awarded locally and internationally, and her work hangs in the Kodak Collection of the Australian National Gallery.

Says Alison Lydiard, EP, Photoplay Photography: “At a time of significant industry change, we are so excited to welcome an industry legend to the roster. Juli is steeped in experience but is always pushing herself forwards, challenging herself and what is possible. Her personal work is magical and ambitious — often surrealist dreamscapes, her commercial work walks the line where art, commerce and fashion intersect and is informed by her progressive image-making.”

To see Juli’s motion and stills visit: https://photoplay.co/photographer/juli-balla

Insta: @photoplayphoto

Juli Balla joins Photoplay Photography