Jimmy Brings takes Aussies down memory lane in old school inspired campaign via Paper Moose


Jimmy Brings has launched a series of spots via Paper Moose, for its 30-minute alcohol delivery service, taking viewers on a trip down memory lane.


In times of uncertainty, people tend to become more nostalgic, taking comfort from a familiar past. The campaign draws on this concept, using a unique look and feel to stand out in a market saturated with delivery services.

The retro-inspired spots spread the word that Jimmy Brings is an everyday, affordable service for a range of different situations: from not leaving the couch when your team’s playing, to an easy choice for last-minute gifts.

Says Kate Holdsworth, creative at Paper Moose: “We’ve had more than our fair share of ‘unprecedented’ in 2020, so instead we delved into the warm and fuzzy realm of precedented. Working alongside fellow start-up Jimmy Brings is always a treat too – we love the brand’s humour and optimism.”

Says Jamie Gagliardi, marketing director at Jimmy Brings: “Paper Moose have managed to drive home our core values of being fun, innovative, reliable and most importantly, responsible. This marks our first effort to shift the perception of Jimmy Brings from being a premium and niche offering to a competitive, ultra-convenience service.”

The spots were completed entirely in-house by Paper Moose, a hybrid production-creative agency, whose unique model has enabled them to navigate the hurdles of covid restrictions.

Client: Jimmy Brings
Marketing Director: Jamie Gagliardi
Content & Social Media Manager: Jen Mackie
Agency: Paper Moose
Executive Creative Director: Nick Hunter
Creative: Kate Holdsworth
Art Director: Reese Geronimo
Business Director: Charlotte Meldrum-Hanna
Production: Paper Moose
Produc​er: Nicole Hofstadter
Director: Harrison Woodhead
DOP: Dale Alexander Bremner
Photographer: Jacquie Manning
Production Design/Wardrobe: ​Bou Design House
Editor: Oliver Trauth-Goik
GFX/Animation: Andrew Onorato
Sound: Luke Stacey
Colourist: Daniel Pardy
Digital Media Agency: Magic