Jeremy Southern: No agencies over 40

Jeremy Southern: No agencies over 40

By Jeremy Southern (above), ex-executive creative director and current freelance creative/copywriter.


I don’t want to work with any agency that’s over 40 years old.

Sorry Saatchis, DDB, McCann, Ogilvy, BBDO, LB, Y&R and all the rest of you old geezers.

See once you’re over 40 you’re no good at advertising anymore. That’s what I’m learning. Doesn’t matter that you have a list of awards as long as your arm, vast amounts of wisdom/experience and an enormous passion for your craft.

That stuff just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

No, what I’m looking for in my next agency is youth. Well, youth and inexperience.

Because that’s what’s going to give me the best chance of doing incredible work that stays in the hearts and minds of consumers for years.

So why don’t you old agencies hang up your boots and try and find a different career? You’ve had a good run, but surely now it’s time you moved aside and made way for someone younger and more “woke”.

Because, let’s face it, you couldn’t possibly have anything left to contribute to our industry.

Could you?

Jeremy is an over-the-hill, Sydney-based writer who wears incontinence pads and spends his days dribbling vacuously in front of the t.v . Needless to say, he hasn’t had a good idea since he turned 40.

If you’d like to work with Jeremy then you’re clearly an idiot. But on the off chance that you do, his email address is